The City Council of Marbella has contracted the drafting of the municipal housing and land plana document that will determine the supply and demand in the city and the most necessary typologies in each sector, as announced on Monday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

This was highlighted by the councilor at a press conference after the Governing Board, where she was accompanied by the Councilor for Territory Planning, María Francisca Caracuel, pointing out that the document will be “a tool that seeks solution to imbalances, fundamentally on the price of housing in the free market.

Muñoz has detailed that the municipal management body has realized the award contract to the Andalusian Cooperative Societywhich “will make a first advance”, for which it has a period of five months. Subsequently, the document must be submitted to the Plenary for its initial approval, followed by a period of public exposure and allegations and final approval.

The Consistory launched the public tender with a base budget for the tender was “80,000 euros” and has been awarded for “68,000 euros“, has specified the mayor, who has indicated that the work of the project has already begun after signing the contract on March 23.

The document will statethe urban reality of the city”, “fundamentally both public housing and the development of the different aspects within the private sphere”, has indicated the first mayor, who has clarified that the plan is “technical with a strategic and planning nature which is based on the analysis of the housing situation in the municipality” in urban, social and municipal organization matters.

According to the mayor, the plan will be integrated into the new General Plan that is currently being prepared, and after studying the situation of the city “diagnosis and strategies will be established to be developed by the municipal level” both “in the short and in the medium and long term”.

Among the objectives of the document, the councilor has pointed to “See what the supply and demand is., as well as their “geographical location”; “analyze what are the aspects of both the housing for rent as for purchase, young or for the elderly”, understanding this last typology as those cooperatives created by this group to cover their needs.

Muñoz has highlighted the importance of drawing up the housing plan at this time, since “at the time of develop the General Plan we are going to take into account what are the approaches and the demand” for “urbanistically establish the parameters in each of the sectors” such as the existing demand or the type of property.

On the other hand, the mayor has highlighted as the main objectives that the ‘municipal housing and land plan’ will determine “the needs that familiesis going to locate and quantify all the subsidized housing and an inventory is being made by the Social Affairs area”.

In addition, he assured that “we are going to improve the deficiencies of the housing stock of the municipalityor” and is intended “mobilize the stock of empty or underutilized buildings so that renting can be encouraged or supported through state or regional aid so that they can be made available to the entire population”.

“We believe that identification of the situation of all dwellings of our municipality will have a very favorable impact for families who have difficulties in finding a home promoted by the City Council itself, also facilitating the fact that we are preparing a general plan”, has valued the first mayor.

Another peculiarity is that the plan will be opened to the “participation of citizens”, that “they have to express their concerns, demands and preferences when it comes to having a location”, Muñoz highlighted. At this point, Caracuel has added the will of the City Council to open “a period on the municipal website to make suggestions”, as well as it has indicated that a “prior consultation” of 15 days was opened electronically “before starting the drafting of the project.

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