The Marbella hoteliers are optimistic to the future and predict a year 2023 without a “super tourism crisis” despite the current scenario of inflation and increased energy costs and supplies, highlighting the strength of the town as a luxury destinationaccording to several directors who have gathered at a hotel debate at the Les Rcohes management school.

The training center has hosted this Thursday a meeting in which various local hotel representatives have met to discuss the new proposals and opportunities of the Costa del Sol, which has been moderated by the CEO, Carlos Díez de la Lastra, and where aspects such as the forecasts for next year, the main risks of the sector or the problems in the recruitment of personnel have been addressed.

The directors of the El Fuerte de Marbella hotels, José Luque; Anantara Villa Padierna, Jorge Manzur; The Citadel, Miguel Cerván; and Don Pepe Gran Meliá, Rocío Galán. The board has stated that the forecasts for next year are positiveY “nothing suggests a super tourism crisis because people really want to travel”, while pointing out that “the demand is there” with last-minute reservations, as well as “tourists from congresses and conventions are still there”, for which he has shown “optimism contents”.

For his part, Manzur has pointed out that 2023 is going to be “a good year, especially for luxury hotels” after registering the tourist establishment “modest occupations and high rates” this year. To this he has added that the tCongress and convention tourism “is coming back with good demand”, just as he has assessed that there will be “constant individual tourism with good average rates”, since “tourists are going to spend more, even if they come to a lesser extent” looking for “experiences”.

At this point, Cerván has predicted that in 2023 “a client with higher spending, although perhaps to a lesser extent”, will visit the city, advocating put quality before quantity”. Meanwhile, José Luque, who is also the president of the Association of Hotel Businessmen of the Costa del Sol (Aehcos), has emphasized that “tourism and luxury are the most resilient sectors or with a lower drop in business”, highlighting that “the offer of seats” at Malaga Airport for next year is similar to that of 2019, so “connectivity continues to increase”.

Another of the topics that have been debated in the forum has been the behavior of Marbella compared to other destinations, where El Fuerte Marbella has highlighted the “dynamic” registered by the city since 2014, with “occupations that were not given before”. For this reason, Luque has remarked that the solvency of the municipality is “structural”, although he has pointed out that “many things must be done to consolidate it” in terms of beaches, communications or to combat drought. Thus, from the establishment they have opted for “the renovation” of the hotel plant with a work that will award the fifth star, as well as “repositioning the product seeking its differentiation” with an “own brand” to give it added value.

From La Ciudadela it has been valued that the potential of Marbella in the tourist field is “structural”, as well as the emphasis has been placed on “the work that businessmen have done to position Marbella like a luxury destination. In this way, the commitment to improve the quality of the tourist offer It goes through “showing the client the real Marbella and showing its part of nature, the sea or the high-level gastronomic offer”, being the “greatest assets” of the city “its identity, its history and its people”, according to Cerván.

For his part, the director of Anantara Villa Padierna has indicated that “other destinations are above”, alluding to “burdens” such as “the beaches, the promenade, the flags, the cobblestones” or the services of Malaga Airport. At the private level, the strategy to increase quality has gone through a vision aimed at “the client stays at the hotel and spend more per day and per stay”, for which it has “8 new restaurants”, increasing “average spending by 79%”, as well as giving “affection” to the staff.

On the other hand, the director of Don Pepe has added that the hotels in the municipality “prices have increased and quality has not been affected” this summerpointing out that the hotel industry has opted for “sacrifice the number of rooms and create more suitesfor the coming years to improve the quality of services.

The lack of infrastructure suffered by the city was also addressed at the conference, where Luque recalled Aehcos’ request to the government and the Provincial Council to “a communications improvement plan and that short-term measures be taken. In line with this, he has advocated implementing solutions on National Highway 340 such as installing a “crane” every few kilometers as Madrid has done, and “favoring the joint use of the vehicle or public transport”. On the other hand, he has pointed out that the new General Plan of Marbella It plans to correct to a certain extent the “lack of planning” of the city with “the construction of the third San Pedro” or the connection between the urbanizations.

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