The Local Government Board of the Municipality of marbella has given notice this Monday of an agreement by which a pioneer system in Spain which will allow the payments to the administration through mobile devices of services that were paid through dataphones, as announced by the municipal spokesman, Felix Romero.

This has been indicated by the mayor after the Local Government Board, where he has realized the initiative, highlighting that “supposes a commitment to a technological solution to make subscription transactions for citizens easier and more comfortable”.

Romero has detailed that the company that will promote this project “is Divilo, an entity registered with the Bank of Spain and that offers the possibility of this type of payment via telematics”, while pointing out that the pilot program “It has started with the school transport service and it can be extended to other payments such as those derived from the use of sports facilities, municipal fees or the fines themselves.”

“The agreement has objective to establish these subscriptions via mobile of certain services that were previously carried out through a dataphone”, pointed out the mayor, who stated that it opens up “immense possibilities both for the administration and for the citizens themselves”.

On the other hand, a agreement between the Consistory and the National Currency and Stamp Factory that “will allow us to continue being a eGovernment access point, through the dispensation of digital certificates to citizens, in addition to municipal employees having a public worker access issued directly by this body to be able to operate with the different State platforms”, indicated the councilor.

In this sense, Romero has stated that “it is a measure, which was previously provided through a agreement with the Junta de Andalucía, which has just ended”. Likewise, it allows the total interoperability with the single window system, which offers anyone who wants to present a document at the Marbella Town Hall to do so at any registry of any state or local administration. The channel of communication is also ensured for the economic control of the Consistory with the Court of Accounts and the Ministry of Finance.

On the other hand, the local government has approved this morning planning licenses for an amount of 4 million euros in execution budget, which are added to another 9.2 million that were agreed in an extraordinary session In the past week. “Once again the dynamism of the urban area of ​​our city is demonstrated, which involves the mobilization of investment and business that are very important for the economy of the municipality,” said the spokesman for the Marbella Executive.

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