Marbella has joined the European Police Station Project, coordinated by the International Cooperation Division, with the incorporation of two members of the French National Police on patrol in the city for the next two weeks.

The Security Councilor, José Educardo Díaz, has welcomed them and conveyed his congratulations to the town commissioner, Enrique Lamelas, “For ensuring that the municipality is part of the network of large cities in which this exchange program of operational agents is carried out, which allows the sharing of joint experiences between different countries.”

For his part, Lamelas explained that the initiative was launched in 2008 in France and, subsequently, they have joined Portugal, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. He has detailed that the agents wear the uniform of the institution to which they belong and carry their regulation weapon, with the aim of forming mixed patrols in order to attend, in their own language, to the French tourists displaced in the city.

In addition to crime prevention work on public roads, police officers are authorized to intervene in any activity against public order of which they are witnesses, as highlighted by the commissioner.

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