The Plenary of the Corporation of the City Council of Marbella has approved the municipal budget this Tuesday for the next financial year 2022, which contemplates a consolidated amount of 323 million euros, a proposal that has gone ahead with the votes in favor of the PP government team, the abstention of C’s and against the PSOE and OSP.

The delegate of Finance and Public Administration, Félix Romero, has been in charge of defending the motion for the approval of the municipal accounts in the extraordinary session of December, which began with a minute of silence in memory of tennis legend Manolo Santana, died last Saturday and a resident of the town for more than 3 decades.

During his speech, the mayor has detailed that the budget for next year includes “a consolidated amount presented for 323 million euros “, which represents an increase of 3.4% compared to the 313 of the current financial year 2021, a document on which it has valued that “it is presented balanced”, although it has clarified that “it does not meet the objective of budgetary stability in 14 million and we skipped the spending rule by just over 100,000 euros ”. In relation to these magnitudes, it has indicated that “they are imposed by the State to all city councils to balance the national accounting”, ensuring that it does not affect “the real budget balance” since “they are suspended from execution until 2023 due to the impact of the Covid-19 “.

Romero has branded the municipal budget as a “refined” and “realistic” document“, Which will serve as a” sufficient tool for the Corporation and the city itself to face the future financial year 2022 “.

Refering to income forecast, the Councilor for Finance has indicated that the document has been drawn up from “the principle of prudence” and has emphasized the “increase in collection”, as well as has made “a special mention to that provided for by the municipal capital gain, of the one that has proceeded to change the calculation rule ”in the extraordinary session, the result being“ a decrease of about 800,000 euros compared to 2021 ”that“ the City Council can assume ”.

With respect to Tax of on Real Estate (IBI), Romero stressed that “it continues to be the true backbone of municipal financing”, which “remains stable in terms of its revenue forecast”, although he has not ruled out “obtaining a higher collection than expected” based on ” the improvements in the management ”of the tax introduced and that“ will allow the application of the new construction license plates to be advanced by up to one year ”. Likewise, it has indicated that “the forecast of income from urban activity is maintained ”, an aspect of which has estimated a “foreseeable” higher collection, noting that also “the forecast of income from concessions is maintained.”

On the other hand, he pointed out that “a very important income is expected in terms of final judgments for an amount of about 35 million of euros for different enforcement actions related to the Malaya case, in which there are sufficient embargoes to satisfy the sentences “, to which he has added” the contributions that in terms of subsidies will come from other administrations such as Europe. “

In terms of investments, the municipal official has specified that in total “Income is expected for an amount of 323 million euros ”, ensuring that “compared to 2021 an increase in investment is expected by 37%, raising it to 47 million of the 33 in 2021”. In addition, “it will be increased by another 8 million euros through the reincorporation of the remainder.”

Thus, he stressed that in the year 2022 the City Council “will have davailability in execution of around 55 million euros, an amount never seen in a municipal budget ”, noting that the investment will be“ one of the main axes of our management, in such a way that Marbella becomes a benchmark in terms of various, cultural, sports and health infrastructures ”.

Among the most relevant projects in this section he has mentioned “the San Pedro sports pavilion, the Guadaiza Sports Technification Center, the creation of green corridors to promote sustainable tourism, the renovation of the central Merado of Marbella, the nursing home or the Ricardo Soriano health center ”, among others. To this he has added “the effort in maintenance plans that are being carried out and that redound to the benefit of public facilities and furniture ”, and items are contemplated for“ urbanization and conservation plans for the promenade and the districts ”.

Regarding social policies, Romero has pointed out that “the budget defines another of the axes of the management of Ángeles Muñoz and 600,000 euros of endowment are foreseen for immediate and social emergency aid for families and people most in need, home care is increased with an additional 800,000 euros that will serve to accommodate the financing of new users caused by Covid-19 and the subsidies are maintained for those associations that have been carrying out solidarity projects ”, of which up to 20 entities will be beneficiaries.

As to economic development, SMEs, employment and trade, has indicated that the budgets “maintain the policies to support the business and commercial fabric with training, counseling and mentoring projects” to improve competitiveness, while highlighting the 5 million that will be allocated to training for employment.

At Personnel chapter, has indicated that it contemplates “the widest item of the budget” and that “it experiences an increase of 8 million euros compared to 2021”, which “is applied on the growth forecast provided by the socio-labor agreement” sealed within the framework of the plan adjustment.

On the other hand, a proposal by the delegate of Finance and Public Administration has come forward to modify the fiscal ordinance regulating the tax on the increase in the value of urban land, approving “a calculation system that will guarantee that only it is going to pay capital gain municipal if a profit is obtained and not as it happened before, which was paid even in those cases in which the sale was at a loss ”.

In this way, the councilor has pointed out that “the types are unified and a single one of 29% is established on the profit and only on the value of the land, not on all the profit, which is the same as the tax in the city of Malaga and with similar percentages in our surroundings ”.

Refering to capital gain by inheritance, Romero pointed out that “we have decided to maintain a bonus regime that allows us to guarantee that such unfair situations do not actually occur here in Marbella” and the bonuses “are up to 95% for homes with a cadastral value of 125,000 euros or less. ”.

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