The City Council of Marbella has intensified the cleaning device to serve a population that only in the past July increased by 155 percent until reaching 372,590 inhabitants and it is expected that in August it will exceed 400,000 people, as announced this Wednesday by the councilor of the area, Diego López.

The mayor has indicated that in the last month almost 10,000 tons of garbage were collected. Specifically, it accounted for 9,862 tons735 more than in 2021. “To deal with this high volume of waste, we have expanded the cleaning work, with three daily shifts in the morning, afternoon and night, and we have also reinforced the waste removal service and the sweeping of public roads. ”, has detailed.

“The high season is not only an important time for tourismfor commerce and for the local economy, but for the municipal cleaning serviceswhich must respond to an exponential increase in the number of inhabitants”, said López, who has called for citizen collaboration “because without the help of the neighbors it is impossible to face this population growth”.

In this sense, he has appealed to the garbage is not deposited outside the container or the schedules regulations. “It is necessary that respect each and every one of the rules for the city to show its best image”, he underlined.

Lastly, he stressed that, according to the waste collection data, the population increase is being a constant throughout the year, revealing that July has so far been the month with the greatest increase in absolute terms with 229,204 more people than reflected in the municipal census.

follow him June, with 192,139 more people; May, with 180,672, and April, with 172,935 more inhabitants. “The estimates for August are very positive and it is expected that more than 400,000 people can pass through Marbella”, Councilor added.

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