Marbella has joined today the World Mental Health Day, which is commemorated on October 10, with the reading of a protest manifesto in the Plaza de Los Naranjos, and it will also do so this Sunday with the green lighting of emblematic spaces of the city.

The councilors of Health and Social Rights, Enrique Rodríguez and Isabel Cintado, respectively, participated in the event, as well as other members of the municipal Corporation and representatives of the Association of Relatives and People with Mental Illness of the Costa del Sol (AFESOL) , in charge of reading the letter in which he urged that more resources be allocated to avoid inequality and chronification. Its vice president, Cristian González, also thanked the City Council for its support, “since thanks to the local administration we start programs with which we get many users to have a full life.”

For his part, the mayor of Health has emphasized the need to “Give visibility to this disease 365 days a year” and “bet on effective equality”. “We must work both on prevention and integration,” he said.

On the occasion of the anniversary, which this year is celebrated under the motto ‘Mental health. A necessary right. Tomorrow it can be you ‘, the group has installed an information table at the door of the City Hall in which it has encouraged citizens to adhere to the manifesto in defense of mental health in a context of a pandemic that has aggravated these diseases.

The commemorative events will continue this Sunday with the ornamental lighting in green in places such as the Arch, the Santo Cristo del Amor bridge or the Fuente de los Barcos after the request made by the Andalusian Federation of Relatives and People with Mental Health Problems (EAFES).

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