The city of Marbella will kick off this Tuesday, June 7, its patron saint festivities with the Fair of San Bernabéwhich this year inaugurates as a novelty a new fairground at night in the area of ​​Arroyo Segundo, and that generates opposing positions that converge between the desire to return to normality and the inconvenience that it entails in terms of noise, parking or security.

The acts of the fair will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, with the opening of the Fair Arch at 9:00 p.m., located in the new fairgrounds at night, which will be followed by the proclamation by Los del Río at 10:00 p.m. at Las Terrazas del Puerto Deportivo. Later, the coronation of Queens and Ladies will take place, as well as the fireworks session at El Faro beach.

The new location was already rejected last May by the opposition, specifically by the PSOE, and the return to the urban center of the fair generates controversies due to its proximity to neighborhood blocks such as Las Albarizas or Plaza de Toros, but also acceptance before the return of the festivity local after two years of pandemic.

Thus, the president of the Plaza de Toros Neighborhood Association, Julio Colorado, has highlighted that the location of the new fairground “It hasn’t caught on very well.” because the residents of the area “do not see the site very well”, noting that “the greatest fear that people have is the place where it is because it has been abandoned for a long time, they have thrown away a lot of rubble and there is many rumors that the terrain is not very reliablehear to know when they put some high-tonnage pileup”.

“There is a river that is next to it and You don’t know if this land is firm or if there may be movements underneath, there is some fear about that, and they say it is safe but everyone is not very happy of the place where the fair is”, he recounted.

“All politicians say that Marbella is a tourist city and five stars, and we do not have a simple place where we can have a fixed fair and hold events throughout the year”, lamented the neighborhood representative, recalling that the current enclosure “is attached to the neighborhood, to some buildings and a municipal nursery and that implies that there is less and less parking”.

In this way, it has revealed the “discomfort” of the neighbors for “not having a fixed place for the fair and because of the noise problems it generates being so close to the blocks”, to which he has added “parking problems” existing in the neighborhood.

Raquel Andrade is a resident of the Lomas del Olivar urbanization whose main vision revolves around the problem of “security” that can generate the “terrain” of the new fairgrounds. “I don’t see it very safe for games and it seems rushed to me, and although it is true that the noise bothers, it’s not that many days either. I prefer security as the terrain is not prepared”, has valued. In addition, he has highlighted that the plot “is very isolated due to the issue of personal security.”

Lilian Cabrera is another resident of the Lomas del Olivar urbanization who has considered that the current location of the fairground “is not the most suitable” for various reasons, among which he has highlighted “the proximity of the blocks” and “because it is a step that blocks the rise of the La Cañada shopping center.” To this he has added that the fair “eats the parking of all the blocks because whoever comes is going to park down here”. For this reason, it has requested the City Council to “find a suitable fairground”, declaring that “it is a shame” that Marbella does not have a space of these characteristics.

Francisco García is a resident of the area who finds it “fatal” that the fair is installed behind the houses due to the “noise” and the “annoyance” it generates. “It is not a place to have a fair and there are some very large plains above that could place it there”, he indicated in relation to the land located in front of the current plot and the A7 Mediterranean motorway. Among the problems that are generated, he has pointed to the “lack of control, the fights or the sound”, recalling that “they have already removed it from here due to the same noise and security problems”, as well as “the lack of parking”.

Encarni is another resident of the Lomas del Olivar urbanization who has not come to assess how the fair can affect being “The first year that it is placed” at this location, although you have recalled that “when the fair was located at the door” of his house it was a “bother”.

José Luis García is a resident of Las Terrazas de Marbella who thinks “it’s good that they bring the fair to the neighborhood because it is very uncomfortable to go to the La Cañada shopping centerwith the mania that I have because the town has destroyed us”, the resident has underlined, while he has valued the new location because it will allow “Many older people can go to the fair every day to take a walk”.

Dolores Fernández lives in Las Albarizas and the return of the fair to the neighborhood seems “very good” to her. “That they bring the fair seems great to me because at least we listen to music. The one who can’t go because she doesn’t drive, at least I listened to the music and looked out the window and see the people passing by”, he commented. In this way, she has indicated that the noise does not “get in the way” because “we are used to it and at least it gives more joy”.

Ester Alfa lives on Antonio Lizarza street and despite its proximity to the new fairgrounds at night, she positively values ​​its new location: “I see it very well, we only have sorrows, Well, if a joy comes after being locked up by the Covid, the better.” Thus, he has ensured that in the years that the fair has been installed in the area he has not feared problems with parking or noise, since “almost all floors have their own parking”. “It is a week and anyone adapts because you have to enjoy it too”, he clarified.

For her part, Delfina Rodríguez is a resident of the Plaza de Toros who claims to have “the suits to go to the fair, life has to go on”, while pointing out that the noise it generates bothers her more “the youth when it starts to make the bottles” than the local party.

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