The City Council of marbella an intensive campaign has been launched to remove a total of 170 abandoned vehicles of public roads in the coming weeks, adding 1,130 open files in this matter so far this year, as announced on Tuesday by the Councilor for Citizen Security, José Eduardo Díaz.

Thus, the mayor explained that this number of administrative files represents increase the figure compared to the previous yearwhen about a thousand were started.

The councillor, who has been present at one of the interventions in the Polígono de la Ermitahas pointed out that this measure is taken at this time “because it is the period, after the high season, where more abandoned cars exist in the locality”.

“It’s about a work carried out by the local police and that requires a very important administrative effort”, clarified the municipal delegate, who has detailed that of the files opened to date, a total of 205 have already been withdrawn to the deposit264 have been destroyed and 175 have been moved from their parking lot by owners.

Díaz, who has specified that these cars are scattered throughout the municipalityalthough they are more centralized in the area of ​​industrial estates, has reported the email so that any citizen who observes an abandoned vehicle can communicate it.

For his part, the head of the Marbella Local Police, Javier Martín, has broken down “the complex process that we have to go through to get rid of of these cars, which begins when the agents detect it, report its parking and it is verified for a month, by virtue of the specific regulations, that it has not moved from the site”.

“After We start the process to remove itwhich usually lasts between a month and a month and a half, transferring it to the warehouse where a new requirement to the owner that, in case you do not answer, culminates with the destruction of it, automatically unsubscribing”.

Likewise, Martín recalled that “the City Council offers the citizen who cannot get rid of the car because you do not have sufficient means, the possibility after your application through the municipal entry registers of deregister it, remove it from public roads and its subsequent destruction”.

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