Municipal workers of Marbella they can no longer. The City Council wants to apply cuts in the Budget chapter 1 to comply with the Adjustment Plan and this will directly affect the pocket of officials and their jobs, since it is the chapter of personal.

The staff is tired and has stood at the gates of the Consistory to protest and ask that this measure be eliminated from the Adjustment Plan, betting on a negotiated solution, something that at the moment does not seem that it will arrive in the short term since they affirm that “they have given us silence for an answer.”

The representatives of the workforce are clear that the municipal measure will not only affect the civil service, but also all the residents and this has been said by Esteban Palomo, of the Company Committee, who in statements to the Area indicates that “only to this year the amortization of 77 places is expected and we are talking about a 10-year plan, which implies that in the future we could run out of template to cover public services and this will have an impact on the people.

Antonio Millán, from the Staff Board, has spoken along the same lines, who maintains that “in Marbella we have an exceptional situation because we are talking about the only council that has been dissolved and there are uncollectible sentences for more than 350 million euros.”

The workers will not stop and mobilizations are planned until the 29th.

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