The Marbella Town Hall has opened a public participation process for citizens and groups to make contributions to the ‘municipal housing plan’, an initiative that “will be underway throughout document processing”, as announced this Friday by the councilor of the branch, María Francisca Caracuel.

The mayor has encouraged the interested population and associations “to collaborate so that it becomes the best possible text and that it responds to the demands of society”. To do this, they may direct their writings through the council entrance register branch or through electronic headquarters.

Caracuel has pointed out that, “just as we are promoting the participation in the General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU), we want the housing document to also be a document that has all the possible contributions from our neighbors and professionals”.

“We are very interested in this document having the maximum participation so that citizens can transfer their concerns, proposals and demands in this matter”, he pointed out, while explaining that “after the approval of the advance, a public information period for suggestions and after the initial one, another phase will take place for allegations”.

The mayor has recalled that the ‘municipal housing plan’, which already has a writing team“it will be a technical document of a strategic and planning nature and at the same time with operational and programmatic content so that, starting from the analysis of the current situation and the socioeconomic, urban and municipal organization contexts, define the strategies and specify the actions to be promoted in order to promote the right of citizens to enjoy decent housing in affordable conditions”.

Lastly, he specified that there has also been a questionnaire on demand and needs in this matter, which can be accessed through the website ( html).

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