The Marbella City Council has organized the I Conference Young people in positive: a 360º look at the RRSSan activity that will take place this Thursday at the Municipal theaterfrom 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., to board the impact of social media on the communityI am aware of the importance of a good use of them as prevention of mental health.

The councilor of the branch, Enrique Rodriguezhas pointed out that “our objective is to take a step forward and show the usefulness of these digital platforms without criminalizing them, raising awareness about dangerous and excessive behavior through tools that allow us to know how they work”.

Specifically, this proposal is addressed to fourth year of ESO and first year of Baccalaureateto whom transportation has been provided to encourage attendance.

The mayor has indicated that “at the moment, most adolescents spend many hours in front of the mobile screen and this influences the self-esteem, loss of direct social interactionsthe fact of hiding insecurities or complexes behind the digital identity or, in the worst case, the use of social networks for harassment”.

In this regard, he stressed that “there are more and more young people who present mental health problemsa situation that has been aggravated by the pandemic and new technologies that, in addition to informing or entertaining, can sometimes increase them”.

Thus, the conference will feature the presence of speakers such as the young woman from Marbella Marina Llorcaa ‘influencer‘ with more than 270,000 followers on his Instagram profile, who will talk about body regulations, making a photographic analysis and different reflections on beauty canons and a culture excessively focused on the weight of the image.

will also participate Juanma Saurus, industry professionalwhich will show the unseen side: studies of marketing, editing and content management and how, through something that is apparently spontaneous, there is a study, planning and business management where nothing is accidental.

The professional vision of the hand of Bonaventure of the Puddle, psychologist who acts as coordinator of the initiative, which will address addiction to social networks and their psychological impact. In addition, he will interview the young ‘tiktok‘ and content generator Luca Lozanowith more than two million followers, who will reflect on the change of life that becoming an ‘influencer’ means for a young person, the exposure they experience daily, the work behind the cameras and the effort that this entails, in order to demystify the triumphalism created around that figure.

Another of the psychology professionals will be Caesar Lazarus, which will give instructions and recommendations for safer handling of social networks with the aim of safeguarding privacy and intimacy, as well as advice on healthy use of time. Finally, attendees will be informed about the resources for mental health care in the municipality, so that they do not stigmatize these problems and ask for help if they need it.

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