Marbella Town Hall prepares the constitution of the new municipal Corporation, It will take place on Saturday, June 17, after the municipal elections, in which the PP has obtained an absolute majority with 14 councilors, as reported on Tuesday by the spokesman for the acting government team, Félix Romero.

This has been highlighted after the weekly meeting of the local Executive, noting that previously, another plenary session will take place next week to approve the previous minutes of this body of the City Council.

Subsequent to the constitution of the Corporation, it has reported that another organizing session will take place“in which the periodicity of the Local Government Board will be established, the information commissions will be created, and the appointments of the representatives of the Consistory will be made before other institutions, among other issues,” the mayor specified.

Likewise, the local management body has given an account of the course of the last electoral day, in which 300 people were mobilized in the 27 schools and 139 polling stations that were established. Regarding the participation figures, it reached a percentage of 51.99 percent, with a total of 48,664 voters exercising their right to vote and 44,927 people abstaining. In addition, 541 blank votes were registered and 619 were null.

On the other hand, the Governing Board has transferred to different municipal delegations of the Marbella Town Hall a series of programs of the Junta de Andalucía, among them, the Andalusian Plan for Pre-registration of Physical Activity and Exercise (Sports); the Andalusian Health Strategy for 2030 (Health); or the Andalusian Plan for the Prevention of the Effects of Excessive Temperatures on Health 2023 (Personal and Culture).

In addition, he has alluded to the resolution of the General Directorate of Socio-sanitary Care which calls for the granting of subsidies under a competitive bidding regime for local entities related to the maintenance of the network of addiction care centers (Social Rights); the II Comprehensive Plan for the Inclusion of the Roma Community (Social Rights), and new regulations for a more simplified management and processing of FEDER Funds.

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