Marbella Town Hall expects to approve next Friday, March 31, the municipal housing plan definitively in the Plenary of the Corporation, a text that has been on public display and has received 3 allegations, with which the City Council will give priority to “public protection” projects, as reported by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, on Monday .

The councilor has highlighted after the Local Government Board, accompanied by the Councilor for Land Planning, María Francisca Caracuel, that “for the first time” the Consistory takes an initiative of these characteristics, which is promoted by the new General Municipal Planning Plan (PGOM).

During his speech, Muñoz pointed out that the new Law of Impulse for the Sustainability of the Territory of Andalusia (LISTA) “determines that many of the lands that are currently empty will be able to be developed, which will make the housing prices go down because there will be a greater supply”.

As the first mayor has remarked, after the approval of the municipal plan “the projects that go with public protection housing they will have priority”, for which reason it has encouraged developers to develop this type of promotions, which “also have in their duties to do public protection housing”. “If they prioritize it ahead of free housing, they will have the guarantee of having priority treatment” by the City Council, he stressed.

The new municipal housing plan for Marbella will be definitively approved next Friday, March 31, in the ordinary plenary session after having been in public exposure and having received “3 allegations”, for which Muñoz has underlined the “good acceptance” that the document has had, which can be consulted on the municipal website.

The municipal plan includes some 700 public houses

As he has detailed, the municipal plan includes that “some 3,850 homes” will be developed in the city in 5 years, for which he has stressed that “soils that are already under development they will have the guarantee that they will materialize”, while stressing that “approximately 700 will be public and some 3,150 will be private, free to rent and with other conditions”.

Of these 700 homes, Muñoz has specified that “a part will be promoted by the City Councilboth for rent and for purchase, and another part will be a mandatory charge from the different sectors so that the promoters themselves do it”.

In this sense, he assessed that “in the next 4 years we are going to have a newly built public housing stock of just over 700 homes”, as well as stressed that the municipal plan “proposes 10 strategic lines that have an affected financing” of 82 million euros.

In this sense, he has qualified that “approximately 15 in the coming years from the City Council itself”, another “32 million from other administrations, both regional and state” andabout 35 million that the promoters of the different soils will have to contribute”.

Restructuring of the Urban Planning area

On the other hand, it has indicated that the City Council will restructure the Urbanism area in order to promote “the possibility of being able to have these funds from different administrations”, and “a team will be formed that is solely and exclusively dedicated to the issue of housing”, which will also have personnel from “Social Affairs” and of the “economic sphere” to “deal with the management of these subsidies”. In this way, it has pointed to the various programs that exist “accessibility to housingfor the rehabilitation of buildings or for the installation of lifts, or for energy rehabilitation”.

Thus, he has indicated that the municipal plan “determines that there are some 7,800 homes that would currently be susceptible and would need the installation of an elevator”, for which it foresees “about 7.2 million precisely for the financing of 10%” of them.

Another aspect that is contemplated in the document is “comprehensive housing rehabilitation establishing that “2% of the homes in Marbella would need a rehabilitation susceptible to these plans and that we could even have 100% of the capacity by the City Council”, the first mayor pointed out.

The social housing stock reaches 660

He Marbella social housing stock It is currently in 420 municipal and 240 regional properties, reaching “almost 670” houses, the councilor has indicated, who has pointed out that “the City Council will continue to increase” and “a specific item will be allocated to deal with improvements” related to accessibility or modernization at the energy level.

On the other hand, Muñoz has assessed that currently the housing stock of Marbella “is in line with the needs”, noting that “there are about 97,000”, of which he has assured that “only 7% are considered to be empty”. At this point, he has qualified that some are “second homes”, as well as has opined that it is “a rate well below other places and other tourist areas”.

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