The Marbella Town Hall plans to definitively approve the General Municipal Planning Plan (PGOM) before the summer of 2024, whose period for submitting allegations to the urban planning document ends on July 14, as highlighted on Tuesday by the general director of Urban Planning, José María Morente.

The municipal manager has pointed to questions from journalists after the Local Government Board, which after the expiration of the claim period the PGOM will proceed to its valuation, which has been on public display since last April.

This will be followed, as specified by the general director of the branch, “the request for sectoral reports”, that add up to a total of 23, among which are “14 regional and 9 state”, in addition to “35 hearings from neighboring municipalities, supply companies and professional associations; and 4 notifications on assets of Public Administrations”.

Regarding the sectoral reports at the regional level, Morente has indicated that the request will be made through a coordinating committee”, which is “the one that collects and transfers them”, which in his opinion, will speed up the processing and “simplifies the task a lot”.

Thus, it has indicated that after the resolution of the allegations and the sectoral reports “the strategic environmental document for the Environment Delegation”, and once it is approved by it “it will be on its way to final approval”.

Morente recalled that the Plenary of the Municipal Corporation initially approved the PGOM last March, for which reason he estimated that the final approval of the urban document could be carried out “before the end of the summer of next year”, whose competence is “municipal”.

On the other hand, he has pointed out that the Urban Planning Plan (POU) “It is quite advanced”, so “the forecast would be to carry out the initial approval between March and the summer of next year”, and the final one “one year later”, in 2025.

It should be remembered that the Marbella Town Hall is developing its urban planning based on the new Law to Promote the Sustainability of the Territory of Andalusia (LISTA), which divides it into two documents: the General Municipal Planning Plan (PGOM) and the Urban Planning Plan (POU).

Vox presents allegations to the urban document

The party Vox has presented allegations to the PGOM for its “deficiencies in terms of growth, forest protection, attention to the family and infrastructures”, as highlighted by the spokesman for the municipal group, Eugenio Moltó.

In this way, he explained that “this document should anticipate growth zonesand not only does it not propose a single square meter of new land, but it also reduces the buildable land for growth foreseen in the 1986 General Plan”, which in their opinion will cause “Marbella to grow very little in the future”.

On the other hand, he has alluded to the “strong interest of the General Plan in the face of climate change”, although he has criticized that the PGOM “does not make any effective proposal against excess CO2 which, according to some theories, is the main cause of climate change. Therefore, he proposes “reforestation for the recovery and expansion of our forest mass.”

The Vox councilor in the City Council, Mª Cruz Terriza, has added that the municipal group has presented allegations related to the family, assessing that “the General Plan does include the gender perspective, but not the family perspective”, betting on “concrete measures for them, both in terms of housing and public services”.

Lastly, he stated that “the General Plan should study the possibility of move the Municipal Stadium to another location on the outskirts of Marbella, and in its location establish a park and sports area to alleviate the deficiencies of the area”.

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