David Munoz (Madrid, 1980) is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed Spanish chefs in recent years. With three Michelin stars in its restaurant diverse and the recognition of The Best Chef Awards What the best chef in the world In 2021, Muñoz’s culinary offerings are varied and not only limited to the tasting menu (365 euros) at its main venue. Marbella is preparing for the landing of one of Muñoz’s projects: Goxo.

During the confinement in 2020, Muñoz created an “imaginative homemade food” menu available to order online and receive it at your home. With elements of the menu that change according to the season and that are around 25-30 euros per guest, the Goxo concept has been growing and not only has it been available at home in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​it has also been possible to enjoy the proposal in a Foodtruck installed in the capital of Spain during the Christmas season.

Now, marbella It will be the third locality with Goxo according to the cook’s own social networks in which personnel for Goxo were sought. “Something very Goxo is going to happen in Marbella,” Muñoz wrote on his networks. At the moment, the start-up dates of the project in Malaga are not known, but its inauguration is not far off in time.

Burgers, lasagna, chicken or the popular La Pedroche cheesecake, dedicated to her partner Cristina Pedroche, with some of the dishes that can be ordered in this variant of the culinary experiences designed by Dabiz Muñoz. “One dish is enough for a person to thoroughly enjoy and be 100% satisfied,” reads one of Goxo’s promotional publications, the delivery that sweeps Instagram and that will soon be enjoyed in Marbella.

The idea of ​​Goxo is food within the reach of all pockets and that fills the crop of those who decide on it, fleeing from the image that haute cuisine has of being excessively expensive and of presenting creations in meager portions. Spring seems to be the key moment to have more details of Muñoz’s proposal for the Marbella public in particular and Malaga in general.

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