The City Council of Marbella has processed more than 600 decrees in terms of hiring in the first seven months of the year, of which the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero, has estimated that the “80%” of the contracts are greater, with the corresponding publication of the public tender.

The municipal manager has highlighted after the Local Government Board that in it he has realized the communication of decrees”, as the municipal management body is in charge of “carrying out the follow-up at the executive level” of the City Council services.

Specifically, Romero has detailed that from January to July “613 decrees have been issued” in terms of hiring the local public Administration, which in the words of the mayor “the volume of work” of the Consistory “translates into hiring and goods, works and services that imply benefits for citizens”.

The spokesman has detailed that these contracts processed for half a year have to do with “all kinds of contracts” carried out by the Consistory in various subjects, which “range from cleaning services, conservation plans for educational centersperformances that have to do with the carnival or software for the City Council. To this he has added “the necessary works and services for awareness campaigns or different aspects that have to do with Social Services”, among others.

In this sense, Romero has assessed that it is a “obligation” of the government team “to return to the citizens the resources that we receive in the form of tributes and taxes through the processing of contracting and public service”.

On the other hand, the municipal official has estimated that “80%” of the contracts that the local Administration has processed from January to July 2022 they are older, that is, those that represent a value greater than 40,000 euros, emphasizing that this percentage “has to do with files that have had to be published on the State contracting platform”.

In addition, he has pointed out that “even the old ones negotiated without advertising” are published, he has indicated in terms of smaller contracts. According to the councilman, this procedure “represents an average of more than 100 decrees per month” issued from the City Council, which “gives an idea of ​​the effective management from the field of Contracting”for which he thanked the efforts of the municipal area, which “has been revealed, accepted and recognized in the Local Government Board.”

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