The City Council of Marbella processes two partial plans for the development of 260 homes in Naguéles and the Golden Mile, some urban instruments that are being executed with a view to the future General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU) of the city and based on the current one, which dates from 1986, as announced this Monday by the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero.

This has been announced by the municipal official after the Local Government Board, despite the fact that both procedures went ahead at last week’s meeting, highlighting that “Marbella needs to continue growing in accordance with the current PGOU, but with the you are looking to the future planning ”.

Specifically, Romero has specified that it has been approved initially “the partial management plan of the Verdiales sector 3 “, located next to the Marbella Club hotel, which “it is ordered with a very low density ”and with the city-garden model.

In total, it has indicated that “34,390 square meters are ordered with a typology of 28 homes with the qualification of single-family exempt 3 ”. In addition, he specified that together with the partial plan, the project “requires a land for public facilities of about 1,000 square meters of soil and free areas for 6,878 meters ”.

On the other hand, the municipal spokesman has indicated that the document has been approved “at the draft level” that will allow the initiation of the “simplified strategic environmental assessment “, which is the previous step to the partial plan. The project is for the Arroyo de la Cruz sector, in Nagüeles, and “154,662 meters are ordered” that give rise to “a building area of ​​34,799 square meters of roof and 232 lived with a low index of 13 per hectare,” he stressed.

On the type of buildings, Romero has detailed that “they may be materialized in single-family, multi-family homes or a hotel use ”, as well as proposed in the approval of the document “complete the existing urban network in terms of the road network within the territorial scope of the PGOU to generate the services ”of the area.

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