Marbella City Council will establish new alliances with the United States tourism market to promote the city with the celebration of the Solheim Cup 2023 as a backdrop. The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, who has traveled to New York to hold various meetings with agents specializing in golf, has highlighted that the international competition, the most important in this sport for women, will mean “an unprecedented economic stimulus” for the municipality and the entire Costa del Sol and constitutes “a unique opportunity to generate new lines of connection with North America and strengthen existing ones thanks to the global repercussion of this tournament, which pits teams from Europe and the United States”.

“We have been working on the promotion of Marbella in the United States for many years, with such important agreements as the one we established in 2018 with Virtuoso, the largest network of luxury travel agencies in America and Oceania that encompasses nearly 1,700 medium-sized operators. hundred countries, to become a preferred destination within the leading network of the tourism industry of excellence”, recalled the first mayor, who has valued that “now the Solheim Cup offers us a golden opportunity to strengthen these tourist links and continue adding in the field of promoting our destination in such an important issuing market, especially in relation to the sports tourism sector and more specifically in golf”.

The councilor has highlighted that the prestigious biannual tournament, which will be held for the first time in Spain, “will be a before and after for the Costa del Sol when it comes to positioning ourselves as a benchmark enclave for all users who travel to practice golf and will have a return over time”. “Marbella will be the backbone municipality of Solheim to make the Costa del Sol a more solid destination and the fifteen fields that can be enjoyed in our city will be absolutely devoted to the event”, pointed out the first mayor.

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