The City Council of Marbella has completed the work to improve the sanitation network in the Plaza de Toros neighborhood, an action with which a solution is given to a odor problem caused by fecal leaks in the area, as reported on Wednesday by the mayor of Works, Diego López.

The councilor explained that within the action a 120 meter long tube that connects the bullring with a well of the general network in Salduba street and added that the works “allow again the vehicle traffic on this road and the authorization of parking spaces in the area”.

In addition, he pointed out that “the works have been carried out somewhat faster than expected, thanks to the fact that the winning company increased the pace after we explained parking need that the neighbors had.

The delegate has specified that this work, included in the ‘conservation plan for urbanizations and promenades and accesses to the beach’ “has responded to the need to eradicate bad odors that fecal leaks were originating in the neighborhood”.

In this sense, he has underlined that with the performance “it has been used to locate seven new manholes in line with the new sanitation pipe placed in the street, which has required the excavation of a trench to a considerable depth and which has had to be given the necessary slope for the execution of the sanitation”.

López has detailed that the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, sent the more than 4,200 affected a letter “in which I explained the details of the performance, as well as the deadlines that we initially planned so that they had the most exact information possible and could organize themselves”.

Thus, he added that “we did not want the works to disturb more than any job in itself does”, since according to the delegate of the branch, “in the same street there was a big sinkhole due to the floods caused by the storm of December 4, 2016 and the neighbors spent months and months in a precarious and somewhat dangerous situation.

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