The City Council of Marbella has taken out tender for the construction and installation of the panoramic Ferris wheel of San Pedro Alcántara, a recreational element that has been put out to public tender with an estimated contract value of almost 13.8 million euros for 10 years and that will add an attraction to the population nucleus.

The announcement of the tender was published on November 26 on the state contracting platform, so interested companies will have a deadline that ends next December 27 Until 23:59 hours to present the offers, a procedure that must be done “electronically”, as highlighted this Tuesday by the Deputy Mayor of Sampedreño, Javier García.

Thus, the Base bid budget is 283,800 euros for the Public concession at the request of a party for the construction and installation, conservation and operation of a permanent panoramic Ferris wheel in the local public domain, located in the general system of free areas SG-AL-2 “Central Park of San Pedro Alcántara”, according to the document , what brand an annual fee of 28,000 euros. The estimated value of the contract is 13,794,584 euros during the 10 years and there is the possibility of extending it for another 5 years, the municipal official has influenced.

The initial duration of the demanial concession “will be for ten years, from the date of signing the act of commencement of the activity “and” may be subject to a extension for a period of five more years”Says the tender notice.

The City Council has put out to public tender the project of the panoramic wheel after remain on public display for a period of one month the draft, to which “no allegations have been made“Garcia pointed out, who recalled that companies” must respond to the technical and administrative specifications. “

In this sense, he has pointed out that Applicants will be required to “demonstrate technical and economic solvency” to develop the project of the panoramic Ferris wheel, in addition to the “capacity to act”, ensuring that there are interested investors.

Regarding the characteristics of the project, he pointed out that “it occupies an area of ​​the boulevard and has to have minimum measures of 40 meters“, As well as” technical and security “conditions. What’s more, the height of the recreational element is between “45 and 50 meters”, While the capacity of the cabins will depend on the project that is presented.

The next steps will be “the reception of the offers, summon the different recruitment tables until an award proposal is made ”, the delivery of documentation and formalization of the contract by the successful bidder and the start of construction and installation work.

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