The City Council of marbella has put out to tender the contracting of the Restoration and organization works of the Real de Zaragoza dune area – on the coastal strip where the five-star Grand Luxury hotel W- will be built, a project that has a base budget of 705,503.86 euros and an execution period of 12 months.

The general director of the Environment of the Consistory, Victoria Martín Lomeña, has detailed that the initiative “is financed with EDUSI funds” by 80%, with which it is pursued “value the different environments that we have around the beach”.

The municipal official has indicated that the project contemplates “the construction of a network of gateways that it will be elevated to allow the normal functioning of the dune”, and that it will be “approximately one meter high” and with characteristics similar to those existing in the Artola Dunes.

Martín Lomeña has indicated that these wooden structures “are going to allow a tour of the dune, At the same time, an environmental restoration will be carried out” of it and “the passage of any type of vehicle through the Real de Zaragoza dune will be prevented” because at present “there are some entrances and exits for supply trucks” .

Likewise, among the actions it is foreseen the “demolition and dismantling of work remains” in the area, as well as “fences that must be removed and replaced with new ones” and works to improve the habitat and the parking area.

As specified by the General Director of the Environment, in previous months it has already been undertaken “a cleaning of the dune area” Real de Zaragoza to remove invasive species, an action that will continue “in the coming months because they come out again and permanent maintenance must be done,” he stressed.

Another of the interventions planned in the project is “the installation of 135 linear meters of heather collectors”, an element to “generate dune” and that helps to “expand and improve the situation” of it when there is wind, assured the person in charge of the Environment.

The project is completed with creation of a “bike lane at the top” with the “adaptation” of the existing one, which is attached to the dwellings; as well as the installation of “street furniture”, posters and “a small viewpoint”.

The initiative has a base budget for the tender of 705,503.86 euros and an execution period of 12 months, to which interested parties may submit their offers until next March 16, at 11:59 p.m.

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