The City Council of marbella ha recognized 10,157,000 new square meters as urban land after the application of the Law to Promote the Sustainability of the Territory of Andalusia (List), which means increase classified land by 25% with this cataloging and speed up the urban processing for its development, as announced on Monday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

This was highlighted by the councilor at a press conference after the Local Government Board, in which she was accompanied by the Councilor for Territorial Planning, María Francisca Caracuel, and the director of Urban Planning and Housing, José María Morente, pointing out that the measure “will promote a agile urban planning according to the needs of Marbella and that gathers the current reality”.

During his speech, Muñoz has indicated that the Consistory has presented this Monday to the municipal management body an “instruction” on “the identification of urban and developable land” after the entry into force of the List, which has been approved and will be “an essential instrument” so that the Urban Planning area can apply “the urban character to all those lands that until now they could not”.

Muñoz has identified as one of the problems of urban planning “the slowness in each of the procedures”, emphasizing that “this instruction aims to facilitate the processing of the General Plan for its entry into force”. To do this, he has pointed out that “two fundamental issues” have been addressed, such as the “concrete the ground and know which one is urban after the entry into force of the List”, as well as “assess the status of the processing and clarify the regime applicable to the sectors that are already considered as sectorized and non-sectorized urbanizable land within the General Plan of 1986”.

Thus, he explained that the document allows “the identification and delimitation of all areas ofthe General Plan of 86 with the Andalusian Urban Planning Law (LOUA)”, where “the rest of the land is incorporated”, indicating that with the current planning and this latest legislation “the recognize 39,890,000 square meters”, while “the land transformed urbanistically that has the classification of urban land” with the List “amounts to 10,157,000 square meters more”.

“We are talking about the fact that from now on, urban land considered as such incorporates what List determines as urbanand we passed from 39,890,000 square meters to 50,047,000”, which implies “25% more%”, he stressed.

In this sense, the councilor has detailed that the List identifies as such “that which was already classified as urban land in the current plane, but those lands transformed urbanistically that have the basic services and those occupied by construction in its two thirds of the area”, and that in the case of Marbella “there are 10,157,000 square meters of one plan compared to another”.

Specifically, he specified that “all land is surveyed and within the new urban land are those that have a urbanized detailed planning but that were not included because not all urbanization works had been formally received”, those with “detailed planning but built without adjusting to planning determinations or land without detailed planning”. Also, it collects “the regime applicable to urbanizable land planning in force until the entry into force of the List” as “developable land with a planning instrument in development already approved or developable land with a development planning instrument in process”.

“We are aware that the owners of those landswhich have been processing them for a long time, what they want is within the law to be able to do it as quickly as possible and that is what the new law allows”, said the mayor, who has declared that the current law provides “instruments of more agile planning” to “have in the shortest possible time the largest number of developed land”.

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