The City Council of Marbella has recovered 2,000 meters of trails in the Chest of the Cavesa performance that completes a circuit of 3 kilometers of paths that has had a municipal investment as a whole of 300,000 eurosas announced this Thursday by the Councilor for Works, Diego López.

This has been highlighted by the mayor in a visit he has made to the area, where he has been accompanied by the Councilor for Sports, Manuel Cardeña; the mayor of the Western District, Remedios Bocanegra; and the secretary of the Calvario Huerta Belon AssociationMaribel Notary.

The municipal official has indicated that “a ditched in almost the 2,000 meters that exist in this area and it had to get in somehow milling and gravel material to contain the soil and make it more permeable. Then a layer of whitewashed concrete, which is the one that will make the water redirect to the right or left, trying not to damage the land area”.

In addition, there has been “the channeling for the 34 luminaires that are 4 meters long, LED type to be able to give it illumination”, just as they have channeled “rainwater to the paths of small streams that have been created naturally over the years in this environment.”

In this sense, the municipality has pointed out that the area “is very steep and on many occasions, when the rainwater came very strong, it would lots of damage on all these trails and caused the ground to be very irregular, and on many occasions gIt caused accidents to people who were walking or practicing sports.”

In this way, López has indicated that “some much flatter, homogeneous and comfortable surfacesin addition with non-slip flooring in many of the areas where there are very large slopes”. Also “it is favored that cleaning services, like sports, “can come here, they can clean and improve the entire environment”, added the municipal official.

The councilor has added that the trails have ha “stair climbing areas, with slopes of up to 25% for sports, which comes in handy; there are other surfaces that are much flatter and more affordable for people who want to walk with rest areas, benches and litter bins, together with the railings, which what they do is provide security to close the passages”.

Lopez has highlighted that the recovery of the Chest of the Caves it’s a “historical claim” by the neighborhood groupwhile celebrating that the City Council “has been able to value the area in two phases, since the first phase began a year ago”, where “2,000 square meters of surface are recovered for the enjoyment of the neighbors and the athletes”.

The councilor recalled that the total route of the Pecho de las Cuevas trails “has a length of almost 3 kilometers between the first phase and the second”, an action that has had a total investment of “about 300,000 euros”, he has detailed.

For his part, the Councilor for Sports, Manuel Cardeña, added that “it is a very happy morning because we recovered a green lung for the city in the center for use and enjoyment, and that complements a series of actions that have been carried out in the Paco Cantos Sports Center.

Bocanegra has detailed that “dFrom the district we channel all neighborhood requests, and in this case, through the Municipal Board was previously approved“The request made by the Calvario Huerta Belón Association.”

“This is a lung in the heart of the city and those roads were very deteriorated by the passage of time and inclement weather”, indicated the municipality, who pointed out that “it was very necessary to act on the pavement, the improvement of lighting or the railings for the use and enjoyment of all the residents who want to walk around here, not only to play sports, that too”.

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