The City Council is reforming a 300-meter stretch of Juan Alameda street, between the CETD of Rhythmic Gymnastics City of Marbella and number 10, for enable 17 new parking spaces and facilitate the passage of vehicles through this central road.

This was explained by the Councilor for Works, Diego López, during a visit to the works, who pointed out that “the cars parked irregularly in the area, causing a narrowing of the road and leaving little space to circulate” and has underlined that the action includes the flooring repair “which was deteriorated by the growth of tree roots.”

“It was one action highly demanded by the neighbors of this area”, remarked López, who has detailed that it will focus on resize the width of the roadway “Preventing vehicles from parking in unauthorized places and hindering the access of buses, garbage collection trucks or even emergency services.”

In parallel, it will gain 17 parking spaces “correctly signposted thanks to the construction of a new sidewalk 1.5 meters wide to the garden area that the street has”, he indicated.

The mayor, who has already recalled that a similar action was carried out on the highest section of the road “which has worked very well”, has reported that the work will be completed within a month and that later pruning will be done throughout the area.

“During the first few days dismantled the irrigation network and demolished the pavement with the objective of clean up the roots and raise the curbs”, The councilor has abounded, who has advanced that new tree pits will be made, pedestrian crossings will be adapted, waste collection points will be increased, new lighting will be installed and street furniture will be relocated.

Along with this action, the Consistory has carried out other parking permit in the city, such as the attack last June on two of the main entrances to the Real de Zaragoza beach in Las Chapas to open up 160 parking spaces, specifically on Cibeles and Los Pinos avenues. Added to this is the construction of a underground parking in Doha streetin the Divina Pastora neighborhood, an infrastructure that can house up to 167 vehicles and that the City Council estimates will be completed in the spring of 2023.

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