The city of Marbella has recorded new historical figures by exceeding 14,000 self-employed workers for the first time and reduce unemployment by almost 10,000 people in the last two years, as announced this Thursday by the acting councilor for the sector, Cristóbal Garre.

The mayor has reported the latest data of Social Security contributors, as well as the evolution of the labor market in the city, and has stressed that “our productive fabric has not only managed to recover from the economic and social crisis caused by the pandemic, but is also far exceeding the figures prior to the health crisis ”.

Garre has detailed that April left 77,380 contributors in the municipality61,217 from the general scheme and 14,121 from the special self-employed, improving the data for March by 3,083 affiliates.

“In just two months there are 6,231 more people contributing to Social Security,” said Garre, who indicated that the number of Unemployed for the month of April stood at 8,855 people “and the forecast for the coming months, in view of the excellent tourist season that is expected, is that the downward trend will continue.” At this point, he recalled that during the pandemic Marbella registered 17,499 unemployed and has emphasized that “in little more than two years we have managed to lower this figure by almost 10,000 people”.

“We have the lowest unemployment figures in 15 yearsmore companies and more self-employed than ever and the largest number of contributors in history”, reiterated the mayor, who thanked the productive fabric “for not only generating employment and opportunities in the city, but also investing in facilities and training their teams to provide the best quality services and contribute to making Marbella a destination not only to visit, but also to live and invest”.

In this sense, the councilor has assessed that these data “reflect the good labor market healtheven in a hostile national economic environment with exorbitant inflation and rising costs for companies”.

Finally, he has assured that “we cannot let our guard down” and has advanced that “from the Marbella City Council we will continue to launch new initiatives that promote all the productive sectors of the city and improve initiatives such as the job portal and sector fair or training programs.

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