Marbella Town Hall has withdrawn from the street and transferred to the municipal deposit 123 abandoned vehicles on public roads in the first half of 2023, being the main areas where the environments of industrial estates are concentrated, as reported this Friday by the Councilor for Citizen Security, José Eduardo Díaz.

The mayor explained that 91 units of the total figureabout 74 percent, were collected during the intensive campaign that took place in the period between April 24 and June 5 and has highlighted that “it is a task carried out by the Local Police that requires significant administrative effort.

The councilor has also specified that throughout the last year a total of 300 were withdrawn134 of them in the campaign from October 24 to December 9, compared to 228 vehicles in 2021 and 143 in 2020.

On the other hand, Díaz has detailed that these cars “are scattered throughout the municipality, although they are centralize more in the environment of industrial estates” and has recalled the email so that any citizen who has observed the presence of an abandoned vehicle can report it in order to act in this regard.

The procedure, as pointed out by the head of the Local Police, Javier Martín, “begins with the detection of the vehicle by the agentswho inform of the parking of the same and continue with the verification that it has not moved from that place during the period of one month, by virtue of what is established by the specific regulations.

Subsequently, as he indicated, “we started the procedure to proceed with its withdrawal, transferring it to the deposit where we carry out a new requirement to the owner”. “In the event that he does not respond, we culminate the process with the destruction of the vehicle, automatically unsubscribing,” he pointed out.

On the other hand, it has reported that “for those people who do not have sufficient means to get rid of the car, the Marbella Town Hall offers them the possibility of deregistering it, removing it from the public road and its subsequent destruction, after the owner’s request through the municipal entry registers”.

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