The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has signed this Wednesday the cCollaboration agreements with the seven brotherhoods and brotherhoods of passion of Marbella, endowed with a total grant of 55,000 euros and within a municipal commitment that has been maintained during the pandemic.

The councilor has highlighted that “what we intend with the renewal of this agreement is that this tourist attraction can be captured and preserved and, therefore, that economic return that Holy Week and its processions have for our city”. The mayor stressed that this contribution seeks “to be a support to be able to alleviate some of the expenses that these groups have to face when these dates arrive”.

In this way, it has been rennovated the collaboration of the City Council with the Brotherhood of Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Misericordia upon his entry into Jerusalem and María Santísima de la Paz y Esperanza (The Pollinica); the Brotherhood of Santo Cristo de la Veracruz, Santo Cristo Atado a la Columna and María Santísima Virgen Blanca (The Column); the Brotherhood of Nuestro Padre Jesús Cautivo, María Santísima de la Encarnación, Santa Marta, San Lázaro and María (Santa Marta); the Sacramental Brotherhood of Our Father Jesús Nazareno, María Santísima del Mayor Dolor y Santo Sepulcro (Nazareno); the Brotherhood and Brotherhood of Worship and Procession of the Holy Christ of Exaltation, Holy Mary of Calvary and Saint John the Evangelist (Calvary); the Brotherhood and Brotherhood of Nazarenes of the Holy Christ of Love, Holy Mary of Charity and Saint John the Evangelist (Christ of Love) and the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Solitude.

Muñoz has recalled that the The aid provided has also been granted during these two years of health crisis due to Covid-19 “Because, although there were no processions, we wanted to contribute to their important work within the social sphere to serve the families that have been having the worst time.” “The brotherhoods were an essential part when it came to working together on the needs that we had in Marbella at that time”, he stated, while explaining that “with the back to normality we resume again some agreements who intend to meet some of the expenses that the brotherhoods have to face, between music bands or accommodation for the people who come and what they have to face throughout the year.

For his part, Juan Pedro Pérez Duarte, older brother of the Brotherhood of the Nazarene of Marbella and prosecutor of the Association of Brotherhoods, has stated that this economic contribution “represents a important help that allows us brotherhoods to be able to remove a series of expenses important that we have in our budgets and that results in an aggrandizement of Holy Week in Marbella”. He has pointed out regarding the social work developed during the pandemic that “that it has been channeled through Cáritas, which has been in charge of managing the aid”, and has indicated that the collaboration has been both economic and human capital.

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