Plenary session for the month of October in Marbella.
Plenary session for the month of October in Marbella.

The Plenary of the City Council has required the central government that the budgets include “real” items for the coastal train, the stabilization of the beaches and the improvements in the A-7, among other actions demanded in Marbella. On the other hand, in the ordinary session the proposal defended by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, for the granting of Civil Protection Medals, “A brave and dedicated group that has an excellent human team in our city.”

The Councilor for Spatial Planning, María Francisca Caracuel, recalled that the urban plan “acts on an area of ​​325,000 square meters, of which 103,000 will be allocated to public facilities through assignments, with cultural, educational, sports, roads and parks. and planned gardens ”. The rest, 220,000 square meters, will be used, as indicated, both for the construction of a five-star luxury hotel of the aforementioned Four Seasons chain, with about 486 homes, of which more than half will be detached single-family homes of the category of a Mediterranean village. The mayor has underlined the importance for the municipality of a project that will involve an investment of 650 million euros and that, in addition, provides for the creation of between 3,500 and 4,000 jobs during its execution phase and of a thousand employees fixed in the exploitation of the same.

Regarding the petition to the central government regarding investments in Marbella, approved unanimously by all the groups of the Corporation, the spokesman for the Popular Group, Félix Romero, has stated that “we request a fair and dignified treatment for the city and that come in the form of budget lines ”. In this sense, it has indicated that the General State Budgets for 2022 contemplate “Zero euros” for the city and he stressed that “we want the accounts to collect operative and non-decorative items, which really allow starting the projects that the city needs.”

Regarding the Civil Protection Medals, the proposal contemplates the granting of the Medal of Tribute and Collaboration, which highlights meritorious actions and aid to Civil Protection, even without belonging to the group, to the firefighter Manuel Lavigne; Ana Celia Gómez, Head of the Civil Protection Service and head of 112 in the province; to the Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulcher and, posthumously, to the local police officer Fernando Domínguez. “The Medal of Merit shows the courage, courage and solidarity of four people who did not hesitate to put their own lives at risk to save others. José Lacalle, Aliou Ngom and Aly Gnaw rescued on July 21, 2020 a young woman who was asking for help on the beach of Venus, in a day of red flag and strong eastern storm, a beautiful and brave action that deserves the greatest of the recognitions, like Alejandro Luque, who on May 2, 2021 intervened decisively to get a boy out of the water after an incident at the Puerto Deportivo ”, explained the mayor.

The councilor added that the Honor Award this year goes to the person of Enrique Lamelas, Commissioner of the Marbella National Police Force, “for his constant dedication and support to the work of Civil Protection.” “His knowledge, time and advice have fostered coordination between both bodies for the sake of greater respect and a feeling of professionalism towards the image of volunteering,” he stressed, while highlighting that the group also wants to pay tribute, with the delivery of the Honor Award in the Civil Protection Service, to Sebastián Pérez, Jesús Carlos Ruiz, Raquel Jiménez and Juan Pérez for their twenty-five years of active and continuous work as volunteers. In the same way, it has been proposed to honor Estefanía del Pilar Romero with the Permanence Medal for her fifteen years of service.

In another vein, the Plenary has given the green light to the Modification of the Ordinance regulating Public Prices to benefit retirees and clubs in the use of sports facilities; to a motion to urge the central government to withdraw the draft of the Housing Law; the proposal for the conservation and environmental recovery of the Lake of the Turtles; to the recovery and concession of the parking lot in the Plaza de Istán and the revision of the one in Marqués del Duero and a proposal to the Junta de Andalucía to extend the working hours of school monitors, among others.

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