The Marbella Rugby Club has inaugurated its new training field in Las Chapas, a facility promoted by the City Council on a municipal plot of 4,300 square meters and which accommodates 400 federated athletes and 350 children in its quarry.

During the act, the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, highlighted the projection for the city “that all the sporting successes of the Marbella Rugby Club represent”. “This sport is giving us a lot of joy and is helping to spread the Marbella Brand internationally,” she stressed, emphasizing that it is the team “that has contributed the most players to national clubs.”

“Marbella Rugby has been growing over the years and we continue to advance so that they have the best equipment”, remarked the councilor, who has detailed that the new facilities, which have come into operation on the occasion of the start of the season , has changing rooms, lighting and irrigation pipes.

“It is not just a sports club, but a large family where values ​​as important as camaraderie are always present,” said Muñoz, who also alluded to the fact that works are currently being carried out to improve access and the new car park with 50 plazas. “It has been a very complex project that has required different permits due to the proximity of the national highway and the stream,” he clarified.

For his part, García thanked the City Council for its support for the club “which is a national and international benchmark” and stressed that, thanks to the new training camp, attached to the main one, “we can go one step further and invite national or European clubs that want to come to our city for the season, which will mean an important injection for tourism and the local economy». “We are very proud to have equipment at the level of Marbella”, he added.

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