The City Council of Marbella has put out to tender for 60,000 the drafting of the preliminary project for the construction of a jetty on the beaches of the center –specifically it would affect those of La Bajadilla, San Ramón and La Venus-, as well as tomorrow the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, will hold an interpellation with the minister in the Senate for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera.

This was highlighted by the councilor this Monday prior to a meeting held with the Association of emerged breakwaters of Marbella, where the meeting that the group has held with Costas regarding the shoreline stabilization projects.

“Tomorrow in the Senate we are going to ask the minister and ask for explanations as to why during all these years that the Socialist Party has been in government, it has not moved absolutely no paperwork of what was pending to be able carry out the jetty construction project, both in Marbella and in San Pedro Alcántara”, Muñoz pointed out.

The first mayor has lamented that “until now, the only thing that has been known is that in the downtown area of ​​the city, between La Bajadilla and downtownit was not going to be adopted no measure to make any groyne” due to the existence of “three protected limpets” that, as stated, are not cataloged as such according to “a study with the University of Seville”, for which the Consistory has put out to tender the preliminary draft draft with the authorization of the Demarcation of Coasts last May.

In this sense, the mayor has assessed that “given the situation of the beaches, the City Council committed itself and is drafting the construction project of the jetty in the center of marbella”, anticipating that “It has been done through the Port Delegation because it is an area that is attached to the Marina, and precisely to make it much more agile, a competent technician who is drafting how that part of the beach has to be regenerated”.

In this way, it has indicated that the tender for the preliminary project has come out for “60,000 euros” and contemplates “lhe beaches of La Venus, La Bajadilla and San Ramón”, noting thatwe have the summer to be able to do it and the idea is that we can have it finished in september”. Muñoz recalled that “the commitment is that the City Council finances and executes it, and from there, the processing of permits” is the responsibility of the Ministry.

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