The City Council of Marbella has put out to tender the asphalt plan with a planned investment of three million euros, an initiative that aims to “increase road safety in the municipality”, according to what the Councilor for Works, Diego López, advanced this Tuesday.

The mayor has highlighted that the works are planned to run in the last quarter of 2022 and the first of 2023, ensuring that this public tender is the “most ambitious in its history”, whose Bidders may present their offers until September 26.

The municipal official has pointed out that “with this program we will be able to to respond to the deterioration of the pavement due to the usewhat is seen aggravated by the large influx of visitors during summer”, who has pointed out the “need to carry out periodic actions in this sense to increase adherence, comfort and safety and reduce noise on the roads of the municipality”.

Regarding the work to be carried out within the framework of the plan, “in most cases, will remove the surface layer by millingure, normally exhausted and aged, to later extend a new one”, López has detailed, remarking that “in the case of requiring a greater action, it will be will clean up the pavement with the contribution of a new base of artificial gravel before proceeding with the final paving.

The mayor of Works has recalled that the Marbella City Council has been carrying out since the beginning of the legislature “important work in this regard to improve the pavement of the most affected areas” and has specified that Since 2019, more than one million have been allocated euros for the asphalting of a total of 127,000 square meters of surface in the different plans executed.

“The city ​​maintenance is one of our main missions and the good condition of the roads it is essential for the safety of both drivers and pedestrians”, he stated.

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