The City Council of Marbella has put out to tender the installation of 26 video surveillance cameras and the deployment of a fiber optic network in San Pedro Alcántara, a project that has a co-financed investment of 610,000 euros, as announced on Monday by the deputy mayor of the population center, Javier García.

This has been pointed out by the municipal official after the Local Government Board, where he has been accompanied by the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero, emphasizing that the body has been aware of the security action.

During his speech, García detailed that in this second phase “a video sensor system and a fiber optic network for the management and control of traffic in San Pedro Alcántara, both in the Industrial Estate and in the accesses” to the population center.

The implementation of the second phase of video surveillance in San Pedro will have a budget of 610,000 eurosfinanced 80% by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and 20% with the Marbella City Council’s own resources, an action that the Town Hall hopes will be in full “at the end of 2023”the mayor has indicated.

In this way, he has detailed that the installation of video surveillance sensors in the industrial zone of San Pedro “will have surveillance cameras (13) and license plate readers (7)” in the roads of the Industrial Estate such as Picaza lane and Francisco Moreno Lomeña streets, Luxembourg, Malta, Cyprus, Dublin, Budapest, Slovakia, Finland and Latvia.

According to the mayor, with this action “it will allow control security in the first phase of the Industrial Estate”, as well as “surveillance regarding the infractions that are carried out as park on sidewalks or control traffic in the two municipal car parks”, located on Calle Malta and Calle Chipre.

control all vehicles

On the other hand, García has advanced that two video sensors and 4 license plate readers will be installed “for traffic control at the San Pedro accesses”, specifically on the A7, AP7 and on the Ronda road, which will also allow “check all passing vehicles by district.

Finally, the deputy mayor has alluded to “a more structural action” such as the creation of “a municipal fiber optic trunk network in San Pedro”, which will connect with the Local Police Headquarters of the population center and with the main municipal agencies and the National Police.

Specifically, he specified that the network will reach the headquarters of Firefighters, the Social Rights delegation, the Mayor’s Office of San Pedro, the Trapiche de Guadaiza Cultural Center, the Tourism office, the Projects, Works and Mobility area, the Urban Planning and Culture headquarters, as well as in the future facilities of the local security body on Marqués del Douro.

In this sense, the deputy mayor explained that “this is immersed in a more comprehensive projectwhich is the definitive fiber optic connection with Marbella and Puerto Banús to close the circle of video surveillance and security control, and everything related to traffic and video surveillance”, noting that the action is demanded by businessmen and residents of San Pedro.

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