The City Council of Marbella assures that it will take legal action “against all those who try to tarnish the image of the local Administration and link municipal management and that of the mayor with matters unrelated to the Corporation”, as stated on Wednesday by the spokesman for the government team, Félix Romero, who lamented that the opposition groups “seek once again to take political advantage of a situation that has nothing to do with the Consistory”.

The councilor has made these statements after it became known last Monday the “prosecution order” of the National Court (AN), in which he prosecutes Lars Gunnar Broberg, the councilor’s husband, Ángeles Muñoz, for alleged crimes of “active membership of a criminal organization” and “money laundering from drug trafficking”.

Romero has also censored the “lack of scruples of the PSOE and its machinery, as well as other parties, when it comes to search and exploit a judicial file even knowing that it has no relationship with the City Council or with the work carried out by the mayor and the local Executive.

The mayor has assured that “we are used to this type of campaigns that are repeated every four years a few months before the local elections, we are used to not telling the truth since attempts to confuse citizensbut we are not going to allow municipal management to be called into question or to be linked to issues outside the Administration in any way”.

“Not everything can be used in politics, red lines cannot be crossed using the family to try to damage and harm the image of the City Council with a merely electoral interest”, lamented Romero, who has advanced that “anyone who defames or insults the members of this Corporationthat sows doubts about the legality of their management or that links them to a criminal act must respond to justice.

For his part, the spokesman for the socialist municipal group and organizational secretary of the Malaga PSOE, José Bernal, has once again requested this Wednesday that “Now it’s up to Mrs. Muñoz to explain of what he puts in the car that his family, to obtain real estate benefits, had contacts with public officials and officials of the Marbella City Council”, supposedly.

In addition, the socialist demands that the first mayor make “at the disposal of this city the summarybecause she said that when the summary secret was lifted, everything would be black on white, and we want to see the summary and I think that all the people of Marbella and San Pedro”.

At this point, he has made reference to the news published this Tuesday by, related to a UDEF report according to which allegedly “there were telephone calls in which things as serious as that the victories of the Popular Party (PP ) in certain municipalities, it was the guaranteed success of a -supposed- criminal organization gangand we want to know what other calls are in the summary”, has valued Bernal.

On the other hand, the PSOE spokesman in the town has remarked that “there is no family attack against anyone”, adding that “what we simply want is for it to be clarified what a judge, who does not have overtones of being very left-wing from the National Court, has already established in a trial of a trial of these characteristics”, as he has indicated to Muñoz that “he is not going to threaten absolutely anyone with taking legal action.”

For his part, the spokesman for the Marbella PP, Enrique Rodríguez, pointed out that “it is not a situation that directly affects the mayor nor that it affects the government team”, lamenting that “we are used to every four years all kinds of information reappear, which are also normally expanded by the same groups and by the same media on some occasions”.

In this sense, it has indicated that their claim is “always destroy the government team with this type of statement”, while stating that “what worries us most is that there is always a maxim, which is use the name of Marbella and put it first”.

The National Court has “prosecuted” Lars Gunnar Broberg, the husband of the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, for alleged crimes of “active membership of a criminal organization” and “money laundering from drug trafficking, according to him auto from issued on September 29 by Court number 6.

According to the document, the concluded instruction determines that it is allegedly “a criminal organization led by citizens of Swedish nationality settled in Spain, with members of German and Polish nationality, dedicated to drug trafficking, mainly hashish and marijuana”. 27 people are prosecuted in the case, including Muñoz’s husband and his stepson, although as reported by last Monday, the procedure against the first has been stopped due to his state of health and the “physical and mental deterioration” he suffers.

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