This past August has exceeded expectations for all Marbella, because the sightseeing of the town has visibly increased, for the first time, after the pandemic. Marbella has presented a occupation above the 90 percent on the half of its hotels and one capacity cover one hundred percent in their establishments most days.

Different promotional campaigns aimed at the national market, through media such as Instagram, have favored this growth in tourists and hospitality activity. Such as the promotional video ‘Volver’, starring the well-known Marbella chef Dani García, has registered more than ten million views on social media, which has resulted in the increase in visitors from abroad and from other cities in the country.

As stated by the mayor of the municipality, Angeles Muñoz, “the establishments hoteliers are still the hallmark of our town and a thermometer that reflects very well the economic activity of this summer. If July was already positive, the data for August they have surprised even to the sector itself ».

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