The Marbella Town Hall has urgently undertaken the repair of the main collector of the CEIP Rafael Fernández Mayoralasaffected by the rains this year due to the lack of sanitation networks, as well as modernizing the sports courts, as reported on Tuesday by the acting councilor for the branch, Diego López.

The mayor pointed out that after the rainfall recorded at the beginning of the year, “the rain grates did not work and the patios were covered by water reservoirs that prevented their use”.

Thus, he has detailed that with the action they have modernized sports courts of the educational center, renewing its aesthetics and painting with colorful elements.

The mayor has indicated that “the action has been carried out after having urgently undertaken the main manifold repair that had been affected by the rains”, explaining that “when the problem was detected, a review of the pipes was carried out and it was verified that the center lacked sanitation networks that served these recreational spaces, the administration and the gymnasium pavilion”.

López specified that “an immediate intervention began in February to guarantee hygiene and health conditions to the educational community, complying with the normative dispositions in this matter”.

On the other hand, it has specified that the works have lasted four months and have allowed enable more than 230 linear meters of rainwater collectorto evacuate rainwater from the patios, and 48 linear meters of sewage, for the administration building and the gym.

In addition, in a complementary way, paved 570 square meters of troweled concrete; 2,500 square meters of sports courts have been repainted and replaced, and more than 100 square meters of surface have been paved on the Antonio Lizarza street road in Marbella, which had been affected by the action.

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