The City Council of Marbella will allocate “approximately 250,000 euros” to provide the Plaza de Toros neighborhood with 30 new parking spaces and various improvementswhich are expected to be completed in January or February, as announced on Tuesday by the Councilor for Works, Diego López.

This has been highlighted by the mayor in a visit he has made to the area, noting that thanks “to the direct contact there is with the neighbors and the districts” “a hundred incidents in recent months” have been resolved in the Plaza de Toros.

Specifically, López has detailed that the priorities at the moment in the neighborhood are “security and the creation of parking spaces”some questions that according to what he has remarked “The neighbors are demanding for which he has indicated that “a project has been studied with which in the area we could get a significant number of places”.

To this end, it has indicated that various elements of the public thoroughfare will be reorganized and 30 parking lots will be created, which “without having to make a parking subway in gold” in Plaza de Toros. Among the performances is the “ordering” of the roundabout located between Reina Victoria Avenue and Plaza de la Concordia, which will consist of reducing the space while respecting the planters and the plant mass.

The councilor has specified that “what is done is narrow the roundabout a little more and continue allowing the use that was inside, but that the lanes are much wider to provide them with much more security”, since as he recalled, Plaza de Toros is “a neighborhood in which there is a lack of parking and many neighbors do not like it. there is no other way than to park improperly in the roundabout”, which prevents the passage of emergency vehicles.

In addition, López has highlighted that “some islets are going to be reorganized or areas of parterre in the interior totally wasted”, an action that will be undertaken in the central part and in the ends to gain new parking spaces on Reina Victoria avenuefor example, with median rearrangement.

He also pointed out that “a disused area will be recovered in the center of Plaza de Toros for the neighbors”, specifically “a large patio that was not used and that will also be opened” for the recreation of the residents, the municipal official stressed.

Another action planned for the area is “incorporate elements that serve for the enjoyment of the neighborsfor the youngest and the oldest, so that they can practice all kinds of sports and have more recreation areas”, adding thatwill set up a “table of teqball”, as well as the sports area will be improved with “a series of nets that were necessary and the basketball court is going to be fixed”.

The last phase of the work, which “will end approximately between January and February”, consists of provide steel to what is known as the ‘butane rail’, which, as explained by the councilor, is a “narrow” road with outstanding traffic, since “it is used to go down to the soccer fields and the municipal nursery.” Thus, it has advanced that “a agreement that has been reached with the owners of these lands It will allow it to be used and while they build or not, we will be able to fix it and provide security” to the road.

“Today some works are beginning that are very important because they are going to provide the residents of the area with more security and more parking areasor, and therefore, of more rest”, declared López, who has clarified that the works will have an investment of approximately 250,000 euros”.

On the other hand, it has advanced that the Neighborhood Association of the neighborhood “will have a civic center that can be used”assuring that “the works are practically finished”.

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