The Marbella Town Hall has approved a game close to €800,000 to face its commitment with the beginning of the works of the highway of istanwhich will begin in the fall. The works will be financed between the Consistory and the Junta de Andalucía, by 40 and 60 percent, respectively.

This was explained in the plenary session by the Councilor for the Treasury, Felix Romero, who has indicated that “this item, on the almost two million euros that correspond to us, is for the remainder of the year.

Likewise, the municipal spokesman also recalled that “it is a work that this Consistory is going to assume once it is finished, on a road that has the vocation of crossing and that has its layout through numerous urbanizations of the city”.

Romero has underlined, on the other hand, the importance of this action “for ensure the safety of users and has pointed out that the agreement between both administrations gave continuity to the protocol agreed between the Ministry of Development and the Consistory in May 2019.

The Treasury councilor has detailed that this project “was a historical demand to avoid the danger to which pedestrians and cyclists are subjected every day, since we are on a road with a width of less than 6 meters that will see its dimensions doubled”.

The project includes 1.5 meter shoulders wide on both sides, the rectification of its longitudinal profile and the construction of four roundabouts that will regulate traffic, reduce speed and improve road safety at existing intersections. Likewise, the construction of 2.5-meter-wide perimeter sidewalks is planned on both sides, among other interventions.

Also considered is the public lighting installationan underground electric power installation under the pavement and an irrigation and gardening network, in addition to trees with the planting of palm trees along the route and the incorporation of new horizontal and vertical signage, as well as beaconing devices and new protection measures.

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