The city ​​Hall from Marbella will summon 25 new Local Police positions in 2022 and it is promoting different internal promotion processes to fill the vacancies of some thirty managers. The Councilor for Security, Jose Eduardo Diaz, he stressed that “in 2023, when this mandate ends, we will have more than 50 new agents, which will mean one of the largest additions that have ever been made to the workforce.” The mayor, who recalled that since 2019 eleven members have already been added and that there are currently 14 pending training in the academy, has reported that has been approved and the announcement for the competition for 25 new positions is pending publication.

We are doing a very important rejuvenation not only of the agents but also of those responsible ”, Diaz has valued, who has indicated that the call has also been given the green light to fill a position of mayor, 3 inspectors, four sub-inspectors and six officers after taking office of 16 commands that has taken place since the legislature began. At this point, the councilor stressed the importance of “Reactivate the professional career within the Local Police force”.

The mayor stated that for this government team “it is a priority to equip the staff with new technical means, with measures such as continuing to promote video surveillance or the acquisition of new vehicles “, while having influenced that” thanks to the increase in the number of agents we have equipped the traffic unit, which the previous municipal officials dismantled, with about a score of troops ”. “It is one of the main competences of the local security body, along with the fulfillment of the ordinances and our bet is that they can develop it with all the necessary resources ”, he added.

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