The International Golf Travel Market fair (IGTM), will present the Marbella city in Wales as a fortress and destination for the world of golf, with the help of a new promotional video starring athletes such as Ángel Hidalgo, Laura Gómez and Noemí Jiménez.

This has been announced by the Councilor for Sports, Manuel Cardeña, who presented the participation of the locality in the tourist meeting, «we want to attract potential customers from the 17 golf courses what we have, “he said.

A fundamental bet for the Marbella economy and employment, since in a certain case, it would generate 17,000 direct jobs in the province and would attract 600,000 tourists a year to Malaga, “it is a very competitive fair and this video will serve as a banner for all of our quality offer”.

The IGTM is the most important fair in the golf segment and Marbella will attend with nine companies, both golf courses and hotels, “our objective is to establish contacts with European, Asian and American tour operators, with an average of twenty daily meetings”, he explained.

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