The Marbella Town Hall plans to start next Monday, June 5, the works to provide sanitation and renovate a road of 480 square meters in length on the Camino de los Pescadores, a performance that includes an investment of close to 2 million euros and an execution period of eight months, according to what the councilor for the branch, Diego López, reported this Wednesday.

The mayor explained that the intervention “responds to the need for a road that does not have a sanitation service, which causes the houses in the area, with leaky septic tanks, to cause leaks into the ground”. Likewise, he has pointed out that “the road is not in good condition either and its width is irregular, with sidewalks in very specific sections and scarcely.”

The action will allow, firstly, to provide a renovated road 6 meters wide, along with sidewalks along the entire length and on each side 2 meters wide. On the other hand, to eliminate seepage and improve the quality of life of residents, a sewerage network will be built with independent sewage and rainwater collectors, together with a new supply network.

The works, which have been awarded to Hidralia, will be complemented with a new telecommunications infrastructure along the section of the affected street, in addition to the public lighting network, the irrigation network and the improvement of the electrical installation. “We are facing a large-scale project, which is going to solve the problems in this area and is going to significantly improve the day-to-day life of its neighbors,” López stressed.

During the first two months of execution a section will remain closed to traffic from Camino de los Pescadores street, so a two-way detour will be enabled for traffic through Fernando de Zafra and Fernando Vallejo streets so that vehicles can access the A-7. As the work progresses, the cuts that will be carried out in other points of the road in Marbella will be reported.

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