The City Council has initially approved a partial plan in the Verdiales area, next to the Marbella Club hotel, which will allow the construction of 28 homes, and has taken the first steps for the urban planning of an area of ​​150,000 square meters in Nagüeles. This was announced today by the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero, who has specified that “the investment interest that our city arouses continues to be evident, with the launch of two projects that will generate wealth and that will allow to continue with the expansion of areas in development ”and has indicated that“ although our priority is the new General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU), we cannot forget that the municipality needs to continue growing and be competitive with the instruments that the current document makes possible ”.

Romero has detailed that the Verdiales sector “is ordered with a very low density, following the model of the garden city that characterizes us”, on a plot of 34,390 square meters that will also require endowment land with public equipment in a total of 1,000 square meters and free areas in 6,878 square meters.

Regarding the second project, it has advanced that today the draft has been approved by the Local Government Board that will allow the simplified strategic environmental assessment necessary to start the procedure. The plot will have a buildable area of ​​34,679 square meters that will allow the construction of 232 homes, with a density of 13 per hectare, which can be used for single-family, multi-family or hotel use. In addition, it is proposed to complete the urban network in terms of the road network, generating the public services that are needed.

The spokesperson stated that “we are in a very initial phase, but it is evident that it is a very attractive initiative that will have a great economic impact on the municipality and reflects that the urban movement continues to intensify.” In this area, the approval of three first-occupancy building licenses for luxury real estate, for an amount of two million euros, has also stood out.

On the other hand, the Local Government Board has reported the study carried out by the delegation of Social Rights in the matter of subsidies for the 2020-2021 financial year. Romero has stood out as one of the most relevant, in a nominative regime, the one granted to the DYA association, with an amount of 120,000 euros. In a competitive competition regime, it has indicated that the total amount for the 2021-2022 financial year amounts to 150,000 euros destined to cover projects developed by non-profit social associations in areas such as childhood and family, the elderly, women, equality, dependency, rare diseases, groups at risk of social exclusion, addictions, social volunteering and people with disabilities. Romero has stressed that “the objective is to sensitize citizens to community problems and social needs, encourage and defend insertion and, ultimately, promote all human rights and fundamental freedoms” and has advanced that are already being studied the proposals.

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