The City will create a pedestrian access that allows pedestrians cross from the center of Marbella to the Bus Station and even the Xarblanca area, an action that will guarantee road safety in one of the black spots of the municipality, as reported by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, on Tuesday.

This has been highlighted by the councilor, who has visited the beginning of the action, where she has indicated that the works “give response to the demand of the neighbours”, which comprise the clearing of an area of ​​more than 900 square meterss, the installation of eight intelligent pedestrian crossings, the placement of 18 light columns and a 250-square-meter vertical garden in the median of the bridge, as well as more than 750 of a garden area.

“For practically five years we have been waiting for the General Highway Demarcation authorized us all the design that has been carried out because we had a lot of interest on the part of the Consistory in carrying out this project ”, has expressed the first mayor.

Muñoz explained that “we had the problem that pedestrian immersions are prohibited by law in all those accesses to the motorway” and in this sense he has detailed that the users “join from the ring road to the Cénit and there could not be a zebra crossing for that reason”.

The councilor added that, once the works have been authorized, a pedestrian access from the center of Marbella to the Bus Station, located next to the north roundabout of the Trapiche junction through a circuit that will run along the east side of the A-7.

The work comprises the adaptation of several smart pedestrian crossings that guarantee the safety of pedestrians arriving from the south roundabout of the aforementioned link, since currently “they have to avoid vehicles entering from both directions from the highway and cross the road with the danger that this entails” explained the councilor, who was accompanied by the Councilor for Works, Diego López.

In addition, he has indicated that with this intervention, which has a lead time of three months, will also remove the intersection of the two exit lanes of the A-7 in the direction of Malaga with those coming from the bridge, so that they join directly to the southern roundabout of the Trapiche junction.

He stressed that in this way “it It will also expedite traffic, further improving security from the area”. Similarly, with acting too the usual retentions will be avoided that occur at the exit of the highway in the direction of Malaga, when the vehicles that circulate on the two lanes of the bridge meet before reaching the roundabout, because with the works that section of traffic will be modified, making both have an access straight to the roundabout without crossing before reaching it.

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