The City Council of Marbella has prolonged the exceptional measure of extended use of the terraces until December and has designed a staggered return to normality for the municipality’s hotel establishments, which must return to their original authorizations as of December.

The municipal spokesman, Félix Romero, explained this Monday after the Local Government Board that the November 15 will start an information campaign aimed at businesses in which the municipal approach will be communicated to them, which will put an end to an initiative agreed by a party on May 15, 2020.

“On this date we adopt the determination of facilitate the exploitation of the areas attached to the terraces of the hospitality establishments of the city and that they were not in their original licenses, a decision that was intended to mitigate as far as possible the economic losses of these businesses and also guarantee respect for social distance measures ”, said the mayor, who stressed that “this approach took into account specific and special circumstances and was limited to those moments when some level of alert was decreed by the health authorities.”

In this sense, he recalled that “we are currently at a level of Zero alert for the pandemic, very close to the return to normality and where the establishments can already occupy almost one hundred percent of their authorized capacity in their original permit ”. “However, due to the current occupancy level in our municipality, well above other months of October, we are going to extend this exceptional measure a further time to carry out a staggered lap, developing an information campaign and demanding at the end of it the fulfillment of their obligations ”, he stated.

In another vein, the local government has also agreed the non-financial expense limit for the current fiscal year, a document that is mandatory for the approval of the municipal budget for 2022, but that has no practical impact, since the fiscal rules are currently suspended due to the effects of the pandemic. Likewise, a green light has been given series of licenses for the construction of five single-family homes, on the one hand, and 14 semi-detached, on the other, with an execution budget that exceeds 6.5 million euros.

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