The Marbella Town Hall will end before summer the first section of the Coastal Path that will link the Cabopino area with Mijasan action that aims to advance the boardwalk connectionas announced this Thursday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

This has been highlighted by the councilor in a visit she has made to the works together with the councilor of the branch, Diego López, pointing out that “the objective is the adaptation of 210 linear meters in the surroundings of the Los Granados urbanization, where the tour is interrupted right now, and in the month of September we will be in a position to continue until completing a total of 650 meters”.

Muñoz has detailed that “the project is being undertaken with a printed concrete design very similar to the one that the neighboring municipality has so that the aesthetics are homogeneous and harmonious” and has specified that “our purpose is keep moving forward on the boardwalk connection and undertake all the necessary actions to be able to receive visitors in high season in the best possible circumstances”.

The first mayor explained that “each area has a particularity and not only do you have to get the Coastal Demarcation permits, but also in some points there are urbanizations and housessome of them are very old and the domain or authorization is held by individuals, so it is necessary to assess how it is going to be done, if it will be via expropriation or reaching some kind of agreement”.

The mayor has specified that the initiative also contemplates the reinforcement of the breakwater wall that delimits the property of Los Granados, “to adequately protect it and guarantee that will not be affected by stormsas has happened recently.

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