The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, announced today that the municipal budgets for 2022 “will maintain an absolute freeze on all taxes, preserving social spending and continuing with public investments that are necessary and beneficial for the development of the city. In addition, he stressed that an acceptable tax burden will be applied, adapted to current circumstances and where the least burden is borne by the most vulnerable families.

Likewise, the councilor has indicated that the accounts for the following fiscal year have been supported today by the Local Government Board and will be taken to plenary session in the coming days with the objective that they are definitively approved before January 1: “It is an objective that we have been rigorously fulfilling since 2007 and that in the two years in which we were not in charge of the mayor’s office, it was not reached.”

The councilor, who has been accompanied by the municipal spokesperson, Félix Romero, stressed that the City Council The increase of 50% of the Real Estate Tax (IBI) is not going to apply for second homes that the central government is promoting: “We consider it to be a tax abuse and that this type of housing must have clear legal and urban security”. At the same time, Muñoz has affirmed that they are essential for the economic activity of the municipality and they want to remain competitive in this area.

Nor will any increase in cadastral values ​​be applied since, as explained by the first mayor, “the review that was carried out since 2012 resulted in an annual increase of 10% in the taxable base, so the City Council the tax rate was lowered to balance, but this year stabilization is achieved and we have decided to freeze it so that the tax does not experience any increase”.

In the same way, the Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works (ICIO) is maintained, as well as the urban planning rates and bonuses. “Marbella is one of the few cities in the national territory in which the building license with an execution budget of less than 100,000 euros is accompanied by a responsible declaration and those with an amount less than 10,000 euros do not pay fees or ICIO , measures that have been fundamental for the reactivation of the local productive fabric and that we are going to continue guaranteeing ”, stated the mayor.

The budgets also contemplate a freezing of rates for the occupation of public roads with chairs, tables and terraces and the license for changes of ownership or opening of establishments will continue to be free “to continue streamlining the commercial sector.” In addition, the municipal capital gain for the inheritance tax and home donations is also maintained and it is committed to “continuing to maintain the commitment that we acquired three years ago with a segment as important as that of the beach bars, freeing them from any economic burden for cleaning, maintenance or actions undertaken in this area ”, he highlighted.

The mayor has assured that it will also be preserved free public transport, an initiative that represents a cost of 7 million euros for the City Council “but that directly affects the economy of young people, the elderly and families with fewer resources, while promoting sustainability and respect for the environment.” It has shown that “they are complicated budgets because we continue to have the burden inherited from the governments of the GIL era and, although we have already paid more than 420 million of these debts, we are going to resort to the State Management Fund to face new judgments for an amount of almost 43 million “and added that” although we have the capacity to increase taxes such as the IBI, which remains at 0.65 although it could be 1.4, it is not the formula we want to apply because the social protection, and more so in the situation caused by the pandemic, is unavoidable for this government team ”.

On the other hand, the mayor has drawn attention to the increase in requests for new projects registered by the urban planning of the city. In this sense, it has specified that the Local Government Board has today granted licenses for 98 homes in Nueva Andalucía for a value of 18 million euros, which are added to the more than 5 million for the first-occupancy license of a sports hotel in Nagüeles and the initial approval of the partial plan for the construction of 35 properties in an area of ​​35,000 square meters in the Marbella Club area.

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