The new organizational chart of the City Council for this legislature, which will be taken to the Plenary for approval next Tuesday, will have as its main novelty a specific Housing and Parking unitwhile the PSOE requests the creation of a specific department, as announced this Friday by the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero.

The mayor, who will be in charge of the Public Administration delegation, explained that a structure is integrated into it “that comes to endorse that for the local Executive it is an absolute priority to continue promoting two essential sectors to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Romero has pointed out that the work that has been carried out in the last term has made it possible to carry out the construction project for 73 publicly-promoted homes, which have already been drawn in Nueva Andalucía; the execution of a total of 18 rental properties for young people in the former headquarters of the Official School of Languages ​​and the final approval of the municipal housing plan last March, which provides for the creation of 700 publicly-promoted properties in the next five years, of which 150 will be promoted by the City Council with an investment of 15 million euros.

In it parking areaRomero stressed that “in the last four years 2,000 spaces have been created, including the 167 in the underground car park on Doha street, recently inaugurated and with a price of 1 euro every 12 hours” and has advanced that “for this legislature the challenge is even greater.”

3,000 new parking spaces

In this sense, he pointed out that “the goal is to create 3,000 new with a plan that begins with the Gabriel García Márquez car park, in the Nueva Andalucía district, with capacity for 120 vehicles, in addition to the annex space that was launched a year ago in which around one hundred spaces were offered free”.

The spokesman stated that “draws attention, surprises and disappoints the line to be followed by the PSOEwhen barely five days after the constitution of the new Corporation, it begins to attack the government team despite not knowing the new structural proposal at all”, in relation to the petition launched yesterday by its spokesperson, Isabel Pérez, to create a specific Housing delegation.

In this sense, Romero has valued that “it is not possible to start the legislature missing the truth on the priorities of an executive that once again endorses them in this municipal organization chart, without even respecting the courtesy period of 100 days that is granted to any government in any administration”, while recalling that “when the Socialists were governing they did not allocate an area of ​​their own for Housing because for them it was not an essential issue”.

On the other hand, it has advanced that “to achieve greater administrative agility”, the new provision includes the incorporation of the Delegation of Opening, Activities and Public Highway in the Government Area of ​​Urbanism and Infrastructures or the sum of the Commerce delegation which includes Economic Impulse, Business Promotion, SMEs and Employment Promotion.

The PSOE insists on creating a specific council

For her part, the PSOE spokesperson, Isabel Pérez, regretted that the mayoress, Ángeles Muñoz, “insists on the error of not creating a Department of Housing” and bet on announcing a “disappointing” Housing Unit within the Public Administration delegation, which is also shared with the Treasury, Economy and Mobility.

“They say that this problem is an absolute priority, but in this way they do not show it,” he pointed out, because they have only responded “at the request of the PSOE” and they have done so with a “half rectification” with a “unit” that they “hide” inside another area.

Perez has reiterated that Marbella should have its own council to provide a solution to this problem or “at least one shared as occurred in the previous mandate.” Now, when the difficulty to access housing is “increasing”, the Ángeles Muñoz government team “takes an obvious step back”.

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