The spokesperson for the Marbella government team, Felix Romeroreported this Monday that the Consistory has achieved a favorable court ruling that prevents, in the first instance, the disbursement of 44 million euros within the framework of an urban process that was approved by a Government of the Liberal Independent Group (GIL), founded by former mayor Jesús Gil.

The resolution of the Contentious Administrative Court number 7 of Malaga is “relevant news” for the city and establishes a criterion “that we hope the courts will uphold in order to continue facing the heavy slab of that time“.

The mayor has recalled that this “judicial milestone” comes after the Supreme Court will change the statute of limitations before breaches in this type of urban agreement, going from five to 15 years. “This caused that firm judgments will begin to be issued in favor of the plaintiffs and forced us to go to the State Management Fund for the payment of up to 43 million euros,” Romero said.

Thus, it has detailed that the last sentence “proves us right because there were many companies that reached agreements with the GIL governments and then transferred their rights to third parties and, in this situation, our legal advice has asserted that we cannot claim that we comply with someone who has agreed to a contractual relationship on public rights in which they have not been authorizednor were they known by our administration”.

On the other hand, the local Executive has approved in the governing board up to six planning licensesfor an amount of six million euros, among which one stands out for the construction of a basic project of paddle club by Los Naranjos Golf SA, with a planned investment of 3 million euros.

“Once again the tourism business sector shows its confidence in our city and this initiative is a good proof of it”, highlighted the councilor, who also specified that a letter has been sent again to the Minister for the Ecological Transition the Demographic Challenge , Teresa Ribera, “so that you know first-hand the reality and the state of our coastline”. In this sense, she recalled that “the central government has still not processed the beach stabilization projects” and regretted that “these actions are linked to the demolition of part of the Paseo Marítimo”.

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