The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, will take to the next Ordinary Plenary Session of the Municipal Corporation, which will take place this Friday, April 29, a proposal to support the Costa del Sol becomes a university hospital “In recognition of his excellent clinical, teaching and training work”.

The councilor, who has highlighted that the Marbella health center is “a reference facility”has assessed that this distinction would mean “a qualitative leap not only because of the number of students who will be able to qualify at its facilities, but also because of the promotion of national and international agreements with other institutions of reference and for the development of new research projects”.

“From the City Council we want to give you all the support to Costa del Sol hospital in this request and in the file that is already being processed”, explained the first mayor, who has emphasized the solvency of your medical chartmade up of health professionals of recognized prestige.

“For many years he has been a associated university hospital centerbut we understand that one more step must be taken since it is the main engine of health in the area and the great manager of scientific knowledge”, said Muñoz, who has opted for the mixed Commission in which the University of Malaga and the Ministry of Health are integrated grant this accreditation to the Costa del Sol.

The councilor has stressed that it will mean “a benefit not only at the healthcare level but also for the team of professionals”, which currently serves a population around 600,000 inhabitants and that, with the new extension, “it will have a portfolio of cutting-edge specialties”.

“The hospital of Marbella treasures all the merits and deserves to be a university student as has happened with other facilities in the province”, stressed the first mayor, who recalled that the health center obtained the City Medal in 2021 “in recognition of the effort, professionalism and dedication to service that its staff has always shown, even more so during the management of the pandemic as a result of Covid-19”.

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