The Town Hall of Marbella has agreed to return a grant of almost 2 million euros granted by the Malaga Provincial Council to the Consistory for not executing the construction work on time construction of Pablo Ráez boulevard when the tripartite governed, a reason why the provincial entity initiated a process of reimbursement of the amounts that had advanced for the integration of Arroyo Primero, as announced on Monday by the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero.

This has been highlighted by the municipal manager after the Local Government Board, where he has become aware of the decision, for which he has criticized “what it means the wrong management”, the “management errors” and “the invoice which many times leaves corporations with the lack of dynamism and diligence on the part of previous corporations”.

Specifically, Romero has detailed that “it has been agreed by this City Council to proceed to the refund for breach of grant granted by the Malaga Provincial Council for the urban integration of Arroyo Primero in the first phase.

In this way, he explained that “the payment of 1,981,727 euros has been agreed, which is ultimately the amount that must be returned for the non-execution of Pablo Ráez boulevard”, remembering that to run The first phase of the project “A grant was approved by the Provincial Council of Malaga on December 10, 2015, with a one year lead time”, so the work “should have been completed on December 21, 2016”.

About him justification period, has indicated that it concluded on “March 31, 2017”, although it has pointed out that “it was extended” until June 30, 2017, including the execution of the works, “and must be justified on November 30, 2017”. Based on these marked periods, he has indicated that “the September 30, 2017 the work should have been finished to be able to understand perfectly applied the subsidy that had been granted by the Provincial Council of Malaga”.

However, he regretted that “that did not happen and the work on Pablo Ráez boulevard had to be execute with own funds” and “own Provincial Council initiated a process of reimbursement of the amounts that he had advanced for the execution of the subsidy and today we reached the moment in which we are forced to return those almost two million euros ”, he has advanced.

“That has to be returned precisely now because in that period between December 10, 2015 and September 30, 2017, which are the years in which the government was embodied by the tripartite Socialist Party and a series of of government partners, The necessary diligence was not taken to be able to carry out this work.” stressed the municipal spokesman.

Romero lamented that this “has resulted in a invoice that for the City of Marbella is substantiated in four million euros”, alluding to “the two million that we have to return, plus the two million that the work itself has cost us with charges to our own funds”.

For her part, the councilor of the socialist municipal group in the Marbella Town Hall, Blanca Fernández, has asked the PP government team and, in particular, its spokesperson, Félix Romero, that “do not invent smokescreens” to try to cover up the scandals in which they are involved “one day after another” due to suspicions of alleged corruption around the management of the mayoress, Ángeles Muñoz.

The mayor has considered that what Romero should have done today is “give clear and forceful explanations” about why, according to the media, the City Hall signed two other contracts with a company indicated by the judge for being a tool for the alleged money laundering by the councilor’s family.

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